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Jill Lawless

Jill Lawless

  • coronavirus testing Mar 27

    Virus Test Results in Minutes? Scientists Question Accuracy

    Some political leaders are hailing a potential breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19: simple pin-prick blood tests or nasal swabs that can determine within minutes if someone has, or previously had, the virus. The tests could reveal the true extent of the outbreak and help separate the healthy from the sick. But some scientists have challenged their accuracy. Hopes are…

  • Royal Family Jan 14

    Questions of Racism Linger as Harry, Meghan Step Back

    When Harry began dating the biracial “Suits” actress, sections of the U.K. media hailed it as a sign that Britain had entered a “post-racial” era in which skin color and background no longer mattered, even to the royal family. But soon criticism grew, some of it with racial overtones, and so did Meghan and Harry’s unhappiness.

  • Brexit Dec 20, 2019

    UK Lawmakers OK Johnson's Brexit Bill, Pave Way to Leave EU

    British lawmakers have given preliminary approval to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill, clearing the way for the U.K. to leave the European Union next month. The House of Commons voted 358-234 on Friday for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, legislation that will turn Brexit into reality.

  • British Elections Dec 13, 2019

    UK's Johnson Claims Brexit Mandate With New Conservative Majority

    Britain’s Conservative Party has secured a majority by winning 326 seats out of 650 in the House of Commons. While results are still coming in, the decisive outcome to a Brexit-dominated election means Prime Minister Boris Johnson should be able to fulfill his plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union next month. The victory makes Johnson the...

  • Emmanuel Macron Dec 4, 2019

    Trump Calls Canadian PM ‘Two-Faced' After NATO Open Mic Moment

    While NATO leaders professed unity on Wednesday at a summit near London, a spat rippled under the surface after several were caught in an unguarded exchange on camera apparently gossiping about U.S. President Donald Trump’s behavior....


    Trump branded Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two-faced” after the remarks captured during a reception in London at Buckingham Palace....


    Trudeau was seen standing in a...

  • Cambridge Feb 10, 2019

    ‘The Favourite,' ‘Roma' Win Big at British Academy Awards

    Tragicomic royal drama “The Favourite” and Mexican family memoir “Roma” split the honors with multiple wins each at Sunday’s British Academy Film Awards — victories that suggest a wind of change may be blowing through the movie industry. Other winners included Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman” for best adapted screenplay and the Bradley Cooper-directed “A Star is Born” for music. The awards,...

  • Europe Jan 19, 2019

    Wild Week Over Brexit Leaves British Politics in Crisis Mode

    Britain’s Parliament is crumbling — shored up by scaffolding, patched by endless repairs. And after a week of upheaval over Brexit in the House of Commons and angry exchanges on the streets outside, Britain’s democratic system is looking a bit shaky, too. In the Commons chamber, Prime Minister Theresa May suffered the biggest defeat in Parliament’s history over her European...

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