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Matt Noyes

Matt Noyes

  • Weather Jun 17

    Keep the Sunscreen at the Ready: Incredible Stretch of Weather for New England

    In an incredible stretch of weather for New England, there are still changes afoot that make each day of the next 10 a little different that the one before it.  One thing that stays the same for a couple more days: an extreme ultraviolet index. Full sunshine so close to the strongest sun angle of the year for the Summer…

  • weather new england Jun 2

    June Weather Outlook: Mostly Dry, Seasonable Temperatures

    A day later than the usual first-weekday-of-the-month airing (due to the busy and difficult news day Monday), I shared my take on the month of June ahead.  The weather pattern, overall, should be dominated by a large “ridge” – a broad dome of high pressure typically full of dry and warm air – over the central United States with a…

  • april forecast Apr 1

    Rain Or Snow? Warm Or Cold? Here's Our Forecast for the Month of April

    New England finished up the month of March on a cool note, under the influence of a sprawling upper level storm that has been locking in cool air with periodic showers spread over several days and that doesn’t look to change until this weekend. Of course, that raises the concern: what if this is the story for April? It...

  • Weather Mar 27

    Delightful Weather Starts the Weekend

    For many, this is a much-needed weekend for rest and recuperation after an unsettling and stressful week. For others, the days continue to blend together from one to the next.  Either way, this weekend offers weather that will cater to those who want to be outside in fresh air, and those who need an excuse from nature to lay low...

  • weather new england Mar 9

    Enjoy Monday's High Temperatures Before a Cold Front Drags Rain Showers

    Incredible weather is shaping up for New England’s return to work and school coming off our return to daylight saving time, so the combination of daylight into the evening with incredibly comfortable air after work and school will draw both kids and adults to area playgrounds, parks and streets.

  • weather new england Mar 4

    Spring Patterns Persist Despite Cold Front Surge

    A statement certainly is made when a cold front surges through New England, sending wind gusts over 40 mph throughout our Wednesday, yet the wind chill at midday will be in the middle and upper 40s with temperatures in the 50s.

  • Weather Feb 27

    Snow Continues to Fall in Northern New England

    The rain that made for a very slow morning commute across most of New England continues to shift north as a combination of valley rain and higher terrain snow in northern New England, with the snow line slowly dropping from the mountains Thursday morning but the back edge of the moisture concurrently moving north.  This creates heaviest snowfall amounts...

  • Weather Feb 26

    Winter Storm Warning for Parts of New England

    New England is on the precipice of another storm, with snow north and rain south – just the way many New Englanders say they prefer their winter storms.  The only affects of the changing weather pattern Wednesday are lots of clouds and areas of sprinkles, flurries, drizzle and fog – temperatures remain milder than normal, though the abundance of clouds…

  • Weather Feb 25

    Approaching Winter Storm Could Make for Messy Thursday Morning Commute

    Tuesday clouds don’t entirely ruin the high New Englanders are still riding from highs into the 50s and 60s Monday – in fact, thin spots and holes in the clouds allow for splashes of sun to bump temperatures into the 50s again for southern and central New England. In northern New England, a northerly wind has begun, very slowly draining…

  • Weather Feb 24

    Beautiful Monday, Double Dose of Storms Later in the Week

    Exceptional! Stunning! Incredible! There are plenty of superlatives we could choose to describe Monday’s high temperatures of around 60 degrees in southern New England and 50 degrees north, but our First Alert Team is fairly certain the vast majority of New Englanders will have few complaints.  Abundant sunshine comes courtesy of dry air – dry enough to result in some static electric...

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