• Abandoned Dog Jul 8

    Police Search for Owner of Abandoned, Neglected Dog in Haverhill

    A dog found with long, matted fur is in police custody in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and officers are trying to find the person who abandoned it. The Haverhill Police Department said Wednesday that its animal control unit was looking for the public’s help in identifying the owner of the dog, which has since been shaved. The dog was found near...

  • Abandoned Dog Jan 22, 2020

    Police Searching for Owner of Abandoned Dog in West Boylston

    Police are searching for the owner of a dog found abandoned in West Boylston, Massachusetts. West Boylston Police said they found the male dog tied up to the Bunker Hill Parkway street sign at the intersection with Maple Street around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. The dog did not have any tags. An animal control officer brought the dog to the…

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