• Colombia Feb 9

    Fear and Love Surround Escobar's Hippos Thriving in Colombia

    The offspring of hippos illegally imported to Colombia by drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in the 1980s are flourishing in the lush area and experts are warning about the dangers of the growing numbers

  • Pablo Escobar Jun 16, 2020

    Pablo Escobar's Crime Partner Freed in US, Goes to Berlin

    Pablo Escobar’s crime partner and one of Colombia’s pioneering “cocaine cowboys” has been released after a long prison sentence in the U.S. and been deported to Germany

  • United States Feb 24, 2020

    Cartel Targets K-9: Extraordinary Drug Dog Worries Colombia's Gulf Clan

    A Colombian drug cartel has offered a reward to anyone who can kill or capture a drug dog that has an exemplary record.

  • Colombia Feb 7, 2020

    Pablo Escobar's Hit Man ‘Popeye' Dies of Cancer

    A former hitman for late drug lord Pablo Escobar who confessed to killing hundreds of people during one of Colombia’s most violent periods died Thursday from cancer, prison authorities said.

  • Miami Nov 26, 2019

    ‘Cocaine Cowboy' Gustavo Falcon Arrested After 26 Years On The Run

    One of the original ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ was arrested Wednesday in Kissimmee after 26 years on the run.

  • NBC News Nov 24, 2019

    As Venezuela's Economy Struggles, Some of Its Citizens Turn to a Lucrative Gig: Cybercrime

    Cybercrime is flourishing in Venezuela as the country’s deepening economic and political crisis drives thousands into the underground criminal world, according to a report released Thursday by IntSights, a global threat intelligence company. IntSights analysts discovered large-scale and sophisticated efforts to steal personal information from people in Latin America who work for a variety of companies, such as banks and...

  • MAYOR Nov 23, 2019

    Colombia President Orders Curfew in Bogota Following Unrest

    Colombian President Iván Duque ordered a curfew in the nation’s capital Friday amid continuing unrest following a massive march a day before that brought tens of thousands to the streets in a strong message of rejection against his conservative government.

  • Donald Trump Nov 16, 2019

    Diplomat Says He Overheard Trump-Sondland Call About Ukraine ‘Investigations'

    A State Department official told impeachment investigators Friday that he overheard President Donald Trump talking with a U.S. ambassador about “investigations” in Ukraine, according to people familiar with the testimony. David Holmes, the political counsel at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, said Trump was talking so loudly that Ambassador Gordon Sondland had to hold the phone from his ear. Holmes...

  • Associated Press Nov 12, 2019

    Evo Morales Flees Crisis-Torn Bolivia After Deadly Clashes

    Bolivia faced its worst unrest in decades amid a political vacuum Tuesday, while Evo Morales, who transformed the Andean nation as its first indigenous president, fled the country following weeks of violent protests. Morales flew out on a Mexican government plane late Monday hours after being granted asylum as his supporters and foes fought on the streets of the capital...

  • PRESIDENT Nov 7, 2019

    Colombian Defense Chief Quits Amid Firestorm Over Minors Killed in Military Operation

    Colombia’s defense minister resigned Wednesday after coming under fire for failing to disclose the deaths of several minors in a military operation against dissidents belonging to the nation’s once largest guerrilla. Guillermo Botero submitted a resignation letter to President Iván Duque, touting his achievements in reducing crime while stating that the current “political circumstances” had compelled him to step...

  • Congress Oct 28, 2019

    Argentina Economic Crisis Boosts Center-Left in Election

    Argentina faced a potentially sharp political shift on Sunday with center-left Peronist candidate Alberto Fernández favored to win a presidential election dominated by frustration over an economic crisis that has eroded support for conservative incumbent Mauricio Macri. Macri was elected president in 2015 as Argentines rejected a successor chosen by former President Cristina Fernández, who governed the South American country...

  • European Union Oct 25, 2019

    Morales Declares Victory in Bolivia Without Final Vote Count

    President Evo Morales on Thursday declared himself victor of the weekend election without a final vote tally, stirring more anger among foes who have protested for days claiming fraud in the vote count, while the U.S., Brazil, Argentina and Colombia joined in calling for Bolivia to hold a runoff between the incumbent and his top challenger. Electoral authorities, meanwhile, announced...

  • NBC Oct 11, 2019

    Senior Pompeo Aide Steps Down Amid Impeachment Inquiry

    A career diplomat who served as senior advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has decided to step down, two State Department officials told NBC News on Thursday, just as foreign service officers find themselves caught in the middle of a confrontation between the White House and Democratic lawmakers leading an impeachment inquiry. P. Michael McKinley, a seasoned foreign service...

  • Donald Trump Sep 24, 2019

    Trump Administration to Triple Democracy Aid to Venezuela

    The Trump administration is more than tripling U.S. support for pro-democracy work in Venezuela and for the first time directly funding opposition leader Juan Guaidó as he attempts to set up a government to rival the socialist administration of Nicolás Maduro. The $52 million in new aid was announced Tuesday by Mark Green, the administrator of the U.S. Agency for...

  • Donald Trump Sep 4, 2019

    'Late Night': A Closer Look at Trump's Hurricane Comments

    Seth Meyers takes a closer look at President Donald Trump’s reactions to Colombian guerrilla group FARC taking up arms again and Hurricane Dorian being declared a category 5 storm.

  • head Aug 30, 2019

    Colombia Tribunal Orders Arrest of 4 FARC Leaders Taking Up Arms Again

    Colombia’s peace tribunal ordered the arrest of four rebel leaders who appeared in a video Thursday pledging to resume their insurgency. A tribunal statement said that Luciano Marín, the former chief negotiator for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and top allies who appeared alongside him while heavily armed immediately lost their benefits under the 2016 peace deal on ending...

  • Donald Trump Aug 29, 2019

    Bolsonaro Says Amazon Nations Should Decide Region's Future

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Wednesday that Latin America’s Amazon countries will meet in September to discuss both protecting and developing the rainforest region, which has been hit by weeks of devastating fires. The Brazilian leader also escalated a deeply personal dispute with French President Emmanuel Macron, accusing him of portraying himself as “the one and only person” concerned about...

  • Donald Trump Aug 24, 2019

    Bolsonaro to Send Army to Fight Huge Fires in the Amazon

    Under international pressure to contain fires sweeping parts of Brazil’s Amazon, President Jair Bolsonaro on Friday authorized use of the military to battle the huge blazes while thousands took to the streets to protest his environmental policies. Brazilian forces will deploy starting Saturday to border areas, indigenous territories and other affected regions in the Amazon to assist in putting out...

  • China Aug 7, 2019

    Venezuela Talks in the Balance as US Ups Pressure on Maduro

    For weeks, representatives of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and his would-be successor, opposition leader Juan Guaidó, have been shuttling back and forth to Barbados trying to agree on a common path out of the country’s prolonged political standoff. The meetings have been slow-going and shrouded in mystery, with neither side disclosing details. But now Maduro’s supporters are accusing the U.S....

  • Canada Jul 31, 2019

    FIFA Expands Women's World Cup From 24 Teams to 32 for 2023

    FIFA’s Council has unanimously approved expanding the Women’s World Cup from 24 teams to 32 for 2023 and has reopened bidding to host the tournament but made no mention of changing prize money. FIFA said Wednesday the decision was made remotely. Nine national associations had expressed interest in hosting and were due to submit their formal bids by Oct. 4:...

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