• Massachusetts Sep 6, 2019

    Ex-Sen. Gary Hart Backs Michael Bennet for President

    Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet picked up the endorsement Friday of onetime White House hopeful Gary Hart, a party elder statesman hoping to boost Bennet’s longshot candidacy. Hart, now 82, was a Colorado senator and well-regarded underdog when he won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire in 1984.

  • Massachusetts Sep 5, 2019

    Beto O'Rourke Boards a Bolt Bus for Boston

    When presidential candidates travel by bus, it’s usually their own campaign bus, decked out with their name or campaign imagery. Not for Beto O’Rourke’s trip to Boston Thursday — he’s taking a Bolt bus.

  • New Hampshire Sep 3, 2019

    Democrat Dan Feltes Running for New Hampshire Governor

    The race for the corner office in Concord, New Hampshire, just got a bit more interesting. Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes has become the first Democrat to announce a run for governor, hoping to challenge two-term Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. “Each and every day I will put working families first,” Feltes told NBC10 Boston just hours after launching a four-minute...

  • Concord May 15, 2019

    New Hampshire Senate Kills Plastic Straw Bill, Replaces Plastic Bag Bill

    The New Hampshire Senate has killed a bill targeting soda straws and replaced another bill that would’ve banned store plastic bags with one setting town waste reduction goals. Senators on Wednesday said they found the straw bill unnecessary, as people and businesses are already doing away with straws.

  • New Hampshire Apr 2, 2019

    NH Gov. Jabs Democrats on Taxes at Conservative Rally

    Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s calling out Democrats in his state over tax policies in the months before an expected budget showdown. Sununu headlined a rally in the state capital Saturday. He told a crowd of hundreds that the state legislature, which is controlled by the Democrats, is threatening the state’s longstanding opposition to income tax.

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