• Massachusetts Oct 5

    Lawmakers Taking Steps to Prevent Egg Shortage in Mass.

    Ahead of Wednesday’s formal session, the House Ways and Means Committee is pushing out an amended version of the Senate-approved bill adjusting a 2016 ballot law concerning animal welfare. The voter law sets standards for how much space is required to keep pigs, calves and egg-laying hens. For hens, it requires enough room for the birds to be capable of…

  • Massachusetts Jun 26

    Bill Would Secure Egg Supply, Upgrade Conditions for Hens

    The Massachusetts Senate has approved legislation designed to create a more secure egg supply chain and raise the state’s farm animal welfare standards to be on a par with other states. Democratic Senate President Karen Spilka said the bill approved Thursday would upgrade Massachusetts’ egg production law — created by a successful 2016 ballot question — to create predictability and…

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