• Weather Sep 22, 2020

    From 400 Miles Away, Hurricane Teddy Is Felt in New England

    Although Hurricane Teddy is 400 miles east of New England, the storm is expanding quickly, customary of strong hurricanes when they move into northern latitudes.  The expansion of the storm is most evident in the wind field, with tropical storm force winds expanding dramatically and gusts to and over 40 mph quickly approaching New England from the east.  By late…

  • forecast Sep 22, 2020

    Wind Gusts Up to 50 mph From Hurricane Teddy

    Today: Becoming windy with sun behind wispy clouds. Coastal gusts to 35 mph, Cape gusts to 50 late. Pockets of minor coastal flooding. Highs near 70. Overnight Tuesday: Gradual clearing, windy, gusts to 40 mph, 50 Cape. Lows in the 40s. Wednesday: Bright, breezy, mild. Highs 75-80.

  • Hurricane Teddy Sep 21, 2020

    From 400 Miles Away, Hurricane Teddy Impacts New England

    Hurricane Teddy is expected to make its closest pass about 400 miles east of New England, but the greatest impacts of weather over the next few days are still tied closely to the storm.  Monday dawned with sub-freezing temperatures in most of central, northern and deep interior southern New England – these temperatures not a product of the hurricane, but…

  • forecast Sep 21, 2020

    Sunny and Cool Monday

    Monday: Sunny. Highs in the 60s. Overnight Monday: Clear and cool. Lows either side of 40. Tuesday: Windy, sun and clouds, big waves. Highs around 70.

  • forecast Aug 17, 2020

    Monday Clouds to Clear, Make-Way for Comfortable Week

    Although improvement doesn’t come all at once, gradually New England’s skies see increasing sunshine from north and west to south and east Monday. The most stubborn Monday clouds will be found on Cape Cod, but even on the Cape the weather should be pleasant and brighter during the afternoon.  Meanwhile, one more atmospheric disturbance is on the way. It...

  • forecast Aug 17, 2020

    Partly Cloudy, Cooler Weather Ahead of Mid-Week Warm-Up

    Today: AM sprinkles to PM sun. Highs in the 70s. Overnight Monday: A period of showers. Lows around 60. Tuesday: Becoming bright and pleasant. Highs in the 80s, 70s north.

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