• Massachusetts Nov 18, 2019

    New Hampshire Primary Filing Chaos Comes to a Close

    The quadrennial chaos has quieted down over at the New Hampshire secretary of state’s office with the closing of the filing period for the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Between Oct. 30 and Friday, a total of 50 candidates—33 Democrats and 17 Republicans—signed paperwork and paid $1,000 each to get their names on the 2020 ballot.

  • Joe Biden Nov 11, 2019

    Still a Chance? 2020 Longshots Insist Race Is Up for Grabs

    Voters cast ballots in less than three months, and the Democratic primary is still crowded with little guys. Roughly a half-dozen candidates in the very bottom tier of the Democratic presidential primary are soldiering on, hoping that even after months of campaigning without catching fire that there’s still a chance. Their resolve reflects, in part, some Democrats’ insistence that the...

  • New Hampshire Sep 23, 2019

    5 of 13 Marijuana Bills Passed in NH

    New Hampshire lawmakers considered more than a dozen bills related to marijuana this year, but fewer than half of them became law. A push to have New Hampshire join others that have legalized recreational use of the drug fizzled, as did efforts to expand the qualifying conditions for the state’s medical marijuana program and to allow patients to grow their...

  • New Hampshire Sep 3, 2019

    Democrat Dan Feltes Running for New Hampshire Governor

    The race for the corner office in Concord, New Hampshire, just got a bit more interesting. Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes has become the first Democrat to announce a run for governor, hoping to challenge two-term Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. “Each and every day I will put working families first,” Feltes told NBC10 Boston just hours after launching a four-minute...

  • Donald Trump Aug 22, 2019

    Planned Parenthood Seeks Cash After Bailing From US Program

    Planned Parenthood clinics in several states are charging new fees, tapping financial reserves, intensifying fundraising and warning of more unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases after its decision to quit a $260 million federal family planning program in an abortion dispute with the Trump administration. The fallout is especially intense in Utah, where Planned Parenthood has been the only provider...

  • Massachusetts Aug 19, 2019

    Emotional Highs, Lows Mark Hiker's Record-Setting Project in NH

    Philip Carcia experienced extreme highs and lows — in both elevation and emotions — on his way to setting a speed record for New Hampshire hiking. While more than 10,000 people have climbed all 48 of the state’s mountains with summits over 4,000 feet, fewer than 100 have completed “The Grid” — reaching every summit in each of the 12...

  • lawyer Aug 14, 2019

    Dartmouth College Announces New Sexual Misconduct Policy

    Dartmouth College on Tuesday announced a new unified policy on sexual misconduct aimed at providing clarity and consistency for faculty, students and staff across the Ivy League campus.

  • JUDGE Jul 10, 2019

    NH Attorney General Gordon MacDonald Rejected as Chief Justice

    New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald has been rejected as the next chief justice of the state Supreme Court. The Democrat-led Executive Council on Wednesday voted 3-2 along party lines against MacDonald, who had been nominated by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu to replace retiring Chief Justice Robert Lynn.

  • New Hampshire May 30, 2019

    NH Repeals Death Penalty, Overriding Governor's Veto

    New Hampshire is the latest state to repeal its death penalty, as the state Senate had enough votes to override Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto. The repeal takes effect immediately. The 16-8 vote Thursday was the necessary two-thirds majority to override. The House narrowly voted last week to override Sununu’s veto.

  • New Hampshire Jan 30, 2019

    NH Considers Ranked Choice Voting for Primary

    New Hampshire voters wouldn’t have to pick just one candidate in the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary next year if lawmakers pass a bill to create a ranked-choice voting system. Maine became the first state to conduct a federal general election using ranked-choice voting in November, and now several other states are considering the same.

  • New Hampshire Jan 3, 2019

    Chris Sununu Calls for Cooperation in 2nd Inauguration as New Hampshire Governor

    Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has been sworn in for a second term in New Hampshire, calling for bipartisan cooperation and proposing half a dozen new initiatives. Sununu is the first Republican governor in modern New Hampshire history to face a Democratic Legislature.

  • New Hampshire Jan 2, 2019

    New Hampshire House Votes to Restore Gun Ban

    Guns and other deadly weapons are once again banned on the House floor in New Hampshire. Rules on allowing guns in Representatives Hall have changed over the last decade according to which party holds a majority. Democrats who won back control in November started the first session of 2019 by restoring the ban Wednesday.

  • New Hampshire Oct 30, 2018

    NH State Rep. Denies Starring in Adult Film, Assaulting Producer

    A New Hampshire state representative is being accused of starring in an adult film and then assaulting the producer because he was unhappy with the final product. Frank Sapareto has represented Derry for years. When NBC10 Boston’s crew spoke with him Tuesday at his home, he vehemently denied all the accusations against him.

  • New Hampshire Oct 29, 2018

    New Hampshire Lawmaker Says He's Being Extorted

    A New Hampshire state lawmaker accused of assault in a civil lawsuit in California says he’s the victim of an extortion attempt. State Rep. Frank Sapareto was sued by Jonathan Carter of Simi Valley. Carter said he and Sapareto were business partners in the making of an adult film that Sapareto produced and appeared in.

  • New Hampshire Sep 12, 2018

    New Hampshire Set to Make History in Open US House Race

    New Hampshire is set to elect either its first openly gay member of Congress or its first black representative. Democrat Carol Shea-Porter’s decision to step down after four non-consecutive terms in the 1st Congressional District resulted in no fewer than 17 candidates vying for the district’s first open seat in 16 years. While it used to be reliably Republican, the...

  • United States May 2, 2018

    Boy Scouts Plan Name Change as Girls Join Its Ranks

    For 108 years, the Boy Scouts of America’s flagship program has been known simply as the Boy Scouts. With girls soon entering the ranks, the group says that iconic name will change. The organization on Wednesday announced a new name for its Boy Scouts program: Scouts BSA. The change will take effect next February. Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh said...

  • New Hampshire Apr 23, 2018

    Thousands of Girl Scouts Become Cub Scouts

    Thousands of girls have become Cub Scouts in an early adopter program as the Boy Scouts of America begins welcoming girls into the organization in new ways.

  • United States Apr 23, 2018

    Beyond Cookies: Thousands of Girls Are Becoming Cub Scouts

    Ten-year-old twins Tatum and Ian Weir aren’t about to let matching, minor injuries deter them from their goal of becoming the first sister-brother pair of Eagle Scouts. “I cut myself, too!” Tatum said, pausing only briefly during a recent Cub Scout meeting to touch her thumb to her brother’s before continuing on with a woodworking project. New Hampshire’s Daniel Webster...

  • New Hampshire Apr 1, 2018

    Cooking Classes Aim to Restore Health After Addiction

    At Boston Medical Center, patients recovering from addiction are getting healthier one slab, stick and cube at a time. For years, the hospital has offered cooking classes tailored to specific medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and it runs a food pantry for low-income patients who are prescribed fresh food as part of their treatments. The newest class…

  • Donald Trump Jul 1, 2017

    Trump Wonders What States ‘Trying to Hide' From Voting Panel

    A request for detailed information about every voter in the U.S. from President Donald Trump’s voting commission is getting a rocky reception from states — and he’s not happy about it. Some of the most populous states, including California and New York, are refusing to comply. But even some conservative states that voted for Trump, such as Texas, say they...

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