• Islamic State Jun 28

    US Warns That Islamic State Extremists Still a World Threat

    As the Biden administration rapidly completes the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan, members of the global coalition fighting the Islamic State are meeting to plot future steps against the extremist group

  • Pope Francis Mar 7

    Where IS Ruled, Pope Calls on Christians to Forgive, Rebuild

    Pope Francis has urged Iraq’s Christians to forgive the injustices committed against them by Islamic extremists

  • New York Times Dec 20, 2020

    New York Times: ‘Caliphate' Podcast Didn't Meet Standards

    The New York Times says it was wrong to trust the story of a Canadian man whose claims of witnessing and participating in atrocities as a member of the Islamic State was a central part of its award-winning 2018 podcast “Caliphate.”

  • France Nov 16, 2020

    Trial in France for Extremist Foiled by 3 Americans on Train

    An Islamic State operative has gone on trial in France on terror charges for shooting a passenger and carrying an arsenal of weapons aboard a high-speed train in 2015

  • Oregon Nov 7, 2020

    Oregon Man Charged With Conspiring to Aid Islamic State

    An Oregon man was indicted after authorities said he supported the Islamic State group by distributing articles on how to kill and maim with a knife and encouraging readers to carry out attacks

  • ISIS May 3, 2020

    IS Extremists Step Up as Iraq, Syria, Grapple With Virus

    A recent wave of deadly attacks in Iraq and Syria claimed by the Islamic State group shows that the extremist group defeated last year is taking advantage of governments absorbed by the economic and health impacts of the novel coronavirus to reassert itself

  • Islamic State Dec 20, 2019

    Connecticut Man Accused of Supporting Islamic State Group

    A 26-year-old Connecticut man who allegedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group’s leader has been charged with attempting to provide material support to the terrorist group in Syria, federal prosecutors announced Thursday. Kevin McCormick, of Hamden, allegedly made several statements expressing a desire to travel to Syria and to fight for the Islamic State group. He was arrested...

  • Fact Check Dec 7, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump and the People He Forgets He Knew

    When certain associates and acquaintances of President Donald Trump get into hot water, he forgets he ever knew them. Various figures from the Russia investigation and the Ukraine matter as well as a British prince have fallen out of familiarity with the president in this way. For a few days, the stock market suffered a similar fate when it dipped…

  • Donald Trump Oct 20, 2019

    Turkey Wants Syrian Forces to Leave Border Areas, Aide Says

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants Syrian government forces to move out of areas near the Turkish border so he can resettle up to 2 million refugees there, his spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday. The request will top Erdogan’s talks next week with Syria’s ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Arrangements along the Syrian-Turkish border were thrown into disarray...

  • PRESIDENT Oct 19, 2019

    Turkish-Backed Forces, Kurds Clash Despite Syria Cease-Fire

    Turkish-backed Syrian fighters clashed with Kurdish-led forces in several parts of northeastern Syria on Saturday, with some crossing the border from Turkey to attack a village, a war monitor said. Both sides blamed each other for fighting that has rattled the U.S.-brokered cease-fire. Nearly two days into the five-day halt in fighting, the two sides were still trading fire around...

  • Iraq Sep 21, 2019

    Charge Against Miami Airport Airline Mechanic Highlights ‘Insider Threat'

    The arrest of an airline mechanic suspected of being sympathetic with terrorists and charged with sabotaging a jetliner has renewed fear about the “insider threat” to aviation security. Despite security upgrades since the hijacking terror attacks of 2001, breaches including a gun-running operation at the nation’s biggest airport illustrate the possibility that a well-placed airline or airport employee could bring...

  • DIRECTOR Mar 9, 2019

    UK Official Criticized After Baby of ISIS Teen Dies in Syria

    British Home Secretary Sajid Javid faced criticism Saturday after the death of a U.K. teenager’s baby in a Syrian camp. Shamima Begum, who had left London as a 15-year-old in 2015 to join the Islamic State group, had pleaded with British authorities before her baby was born to let her return to Britain to raise the child. But Javid revoked...

  • lawyer Feb 17, 2019

    Family: UK Teen Who Joined Islamic State Has Baby in Syria

    The family of a British teenager who ran away to join the Islamic State group and now wants to return to the U.K. said Sunday she has given birth to a baby boy. The family’s lawyer said 19-year-old Shamima Begum and the baby are in good health. In a recent interview with The Times newspaper, Begum said she had previously...

  • Florida Mar 27, 2018

    Judge Rejects Call for Mistrial by Nightclub Shooter's Widow

    The revelation that the Pulse nightclub shooter’s father was an FBI informant for 11 years before the attack has little bearing on the trial of the gunman’s widow, a judge ruled Monday.

  • Syria Nov 3, 2017

    Territorial Losses Suffered by Islamic State in Syria, Iraq

    With new losses Friday, the Islamic State group has been driven from more than 96 percent of the large parts of Iraq and Syria it once held, crushing its goal of establishing a “caliphate” in the region. Syrian President Bashar Assad’s military announced the capture of the eastern Syrian city of Deir el-Zour, while Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi proclaimed...

  • Associated Press Mar 31, 2017

    Civilian Casualties in Iraq, Syria Undercut US Victories

    ISIS and al-Qaeda-linked militants are quickly moving to drum up outrage over a sharp spike in civilian casualties said to have been caused by U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, posting photos online of a destroyed medical center and homes reduced to rubble. “This is how Trump liberates Mosul, by killing its inhabitants,” the caption reads. The propaganda points to...

  • Iraq Mar 28, 2017

    Intense Fighting in Mosul Over the Weekend

    In an effort to retake the city of Mosul from control of ISIS militants, Iraq’s elite Scorpion Unit engaged in house-to-house fighting. ISIS has been using civilians as human shields, which has slowed the fight and resulted in many civilian deaths.

  • JOHN KERRY Sep 21, 2016

    UN Moves to Resume Aid in Syria Amid Escalating Violence

    An airstrike in northern Syria killed four medics responding to an earlier bombing raid, a relief group said Wednesday, as the U.N. announced it would resume aid deliveries suspended after an attack on a convoy two days ago that killed 20 people. The escalation of violence against humanitarian workers has all but destroyed a cease-fire that took effect on Sept....

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