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  • Mike Lee Jan 8

    GOP Senators Lee, Rubio Walk Away From Iran Briefing With Differing Views

    Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., had very different reactions after Wednesday’s briefing about the decision to kill Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

  • Donald Trump Nov 19, 2019

    Stephen Miller Planted Anti-Rubio Stories in Breitbart During 2016 Campaign, Leaked Emails Show

    White House senior adviser Stephen Miller had more editorial influence over the right-wing news website Breitbart during the 2016 presidential campaign than previously known and attempted to push articles attacking then-presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., according to a new batch of leaked emails shared with NBC News. The emails, which were first given to the Southern Poverty Law Center...

  • Donald Trump Sep 28, 2019

    White House Official: Notes on Sensitive Calls Filed in Classified Computer System

    At the White House, a senior administration official confirmed Friday a key detail from the unidentified CIA whistleblower who has accused Trump of abusing the power of his office. Trump, for his part, insisted anew that his actions and words have been “perfect” and the whistleblower’s complaint might well be the work of “a partisan operative.” The White House acknowledged...

  • Donald Trump Sep 27, 2019

    White House Attorneys Directed Sealing of Trump-Ukraine Phone Transcript

    The White House on Friday confirmed a key detail in the intelligence whistleblower’s complaint alleging that President Donald Trump abused the power of his office. A senior administration official acknowledged that the rough transcript of Trump’s July 25 phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was moved to a highly classified system maintained by the National Security Council at the...

  • Donald Trump Sep 26, 2019

    Pelosi Says Complaint Shows Trump Was Engaged in a Cover-Up

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that a whistleblower’s complaint at the center of the House’s impeachment inquiry shows that President Donald Trump was engaged in a cover-up. Pelosi read from the declassified complaint, which alleges the White House tried to “lock down” details of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s new president after he asked him to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe...

  • Donald Trump Sep 26, 2019

    Pelosi: ‘This is a Cover-Up’

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks about the now public, declassified whistleblower complaint involving President Donald Trump. She says that alleged actions of wrongdoing described in the complaint reveal a “cover-up” by the White House.

  • Donald Trump Sep 24, 2019

    Pelosi Orders Impeachment Probe: ‘No One Is Above the Law’

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, yielding to mounting pressure from fellow Democrats and plunging a deeply divided nation into an election-year clash between Congress and the commander in chief. The probe focuses partly on whether Trump abused his presidential powers and sought help from a foreign government to undermine Democratic...

  • food Sep 7, 2019

    UN, US Coast Guard and Others Aid Stricken Bahamas

    The hurricane death toll is rising in the Bahamas, in what its leader calls “this hour of darkness.” Search and rescue teams were still trying to reach some Bahamian communities isolated by floodwaters and debris Saturday after Hurricane Dorian struck the northern part of the archipelago last Sunday. At least 43 people died. Several hundred people, many of them Haitian...

  • Donald Trump Aug 25, 2019

    Young Americans Embrace Socialism, Even Among Miami Cubans

    Younger Americans are less threatened by socialism than older generations, who might associate it with Soviet or Chinese rule, according to a sociologist.

  • Donald Trump Aug 18, 2019

    US Talks Secretly to Venezuela Socialist Boss

    The U.S. has opened up secret communications with Venezuela’s socialist party boss as members of President Nicolás Maduro’s inner circle seek guarantees they won’t face retribution if they cede to growing demands to remove him, a senior U.S. administration official has told The Associated Press. Diosdado Cabello, who is considered the most-powerful man in Venezuela after Maduro, met last month...

  • Donald Trump Aug 9, 2019

    Mayors Issue Call For Gun Safety Laws

    Hundreds of mayors sign letter urging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to call Congress back to Washington for votes on gun safety legislation. NBC’s Craig Boswell reports.

  • Donald Trump Aug 8, 2019

    McConnell: Background Checks, Red Flag Laws Will Be Considered in the Fall

    Shifting the gun violence debate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday he now wants to consider background checks and other bills, setting up a potentially pivotal moment when lawmakers return in the fall. The Republican leader won’t be calling senators back to work early, as some are demanding. But he told a Kentucky radio station that President Donald Trump...

  • Donald Trump Aug 8, 2019

    US Officials Say Top US Diplomat for Latin America Resigns

    The Trump administration’s top diplomat for Latin America has resigned amid internal disputes over immigration policy for the region, U.S. officials said Wednesday. Two officials and a congressional aide said Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Kimberly Breier stepped down earlier this week, although they offered differing reasons for her departure. They say Breier cited personal reasons for...

  • China Jul 21, 2019

    United States Accuses Venezuelan Jet of Aggressive Action Over Caribbean

    U.S. authorities said their EP-3 plane was performing a multi-nationally approved mission on Friday and the Venezuelan SU-30 fighter jet closely trailed the plane, which the U.S. says endangered its crew.

  • Massachusetts Jul 18, 2019

    Trump Leans on Issue of Race in Bid for a 2nd Term in 2020

    President Donald Trump has placed racial animus at the center of his reelection campaign, and even some of his critics believe it could deliver him a second term. Every successful modern presidential campaign has been built on the notion of addition, winning over voters beyond core supporters. But Trump has chosen division on the belief that the polarized country he...

  • Donald Trump Jul 16, 2019

    Trump Administration Won’t Be Granting Venezuelans Temporary Protection for Now

    The administration of President Donald Trump, who had been gaining support among some Hispanics for his stand on Venezuela, isn’t willing yet to grant temporary protection from deportation to Venezuelans, NBC News reports. The administration did not explicitly reject Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans. But in response to a plea from 23 Democratic senators and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for...

  • Attorney Jul 8, 2019

    Asylum Seeker and ‘Victim of Torture’ Who Cannot Walk Facing Deportation

    When José Antonio Hernández Viera was awakened early Friday morning, he and his belongings were stuffed into a vehicle and driven away from Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center. The 40-year-old Cuban asylum seeker had hoped to leave immigrant detention in Louisiana. But not like this. He texted photos to his wife Angela Mairielys Lazo Torres from the car, with chains...

  • Donald Trump May 17, 2019

    Gov. DeSantis: Florida ‘Cannot Accommodate’ Influx of Immigrants

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says the state “cannot accommodate” an influx of immigrants that local officials say are being sent by the federal government from the U.S.-Mexico border.

  • Governor May 14, 2019

    DeSantis: Russian Hackers Accessed 2 Florida Voting Databases

    After an FBI briefing, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says Russian hackers gained access to voter databases in two Florida counties ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

  • Donald Trump May 9, 2019

    Sen. Burr Takes GOP Fire Over Trump Jr. Subpoena

    Republicans lashed out Thursday at fellow GOP Sen. Richard Burr for his committee’s subpoena of President Donald Trump’s son, a move that suggested the Russia investigation is not “case closed” as some in the party insist. Trump said he was “very surprised” at the move. The revolt by some against the Senate intelligence committee chairman comes after The Associated Press...

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