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  • bank Oct 7, 2019

    Harvard Doctor Among Winners of Nobel Medicine Prize

    Two Americans and a British scientist won a Nobel Prize on Monday for discovering details of how the body’s cells sense and react to low oxygen levels, providing a foothold for developing new treatments for anemia, cancer and other diseases. Drs. William G. Kaelin Jr. of Harvard University, Gregg L. Semenza of Johns Hopkins University and Peter J. Ratcliffe at...

  • DIRECTOR Sep 28, 2019

    As US Urges Caution Amid Vaping Illness Deaths, UK Embraces E-Cigarettes

    While the U.S. scrambles to crack down on vaping, Britain has embraced electronic cigarettes as a powerful tool to help smokers kick the habit. The Royal College of Physicians explicitly tells doctors to promote e-cigarettes “as widely as possible” to people trying to quit. Public Health England’s advice is that vaping carries a small fraction of the risk of smoking....

  • China Aug 17, 2019

    From Tusks to Tails, Nations Eye Trade in Endangered Species

    From guitars to traditional medicines and from tusk to tail, mankind’s exploitation of the planet’s fauna and flora is putting some of them at risk of extinction. Representatives of some 180 nations are meeting in Geneva to agree on protections for vulnerable species, taking up issues including the trade in ivory and the demand for shark fin soup. The World...

  • Associated Press Jul 18, 2019

    Ebola Outbreak in Congo Declared a Global Health Emergency

    The deadly Ebola outbreak in Congo is now an international health emergency, the World Health Organization announced Wednesday after the virus spread this week to a city of 2 million people. A WHO expert committee had declined on three previous occasions to advise the United Nations health agency to make the declaration for this outbreak, which other experts say has...

  • The Associated Press Jun 12, 2019

    5-Year-Old Dies of Ebola as Outbreak Crosses Congo Border

    A 5-year-old boy vomiting blood became the first cross-border victim in the current Ebola outbreak on Wednesday, while his 3-year-old brother and grandmother tested positive for the disease that has killed nearly 1,400 people in Congo. The outbreak’s spread into Uganda prompted the World Health Organization to revisit whether the second-largest Ebola epidemic in history should be declared a global...

  • DIRECTOR Apr 24, 2019

    Malawi Becomes 1st Nation to Immunize Kids Against Malaria

    The World Health Organization says Malawi has become the first country to begin immunizing children against malaria, using the only licensed vaccine to protect against the mosquito-spread disease. Although the vaccine only protects about one-third of children who are immunized, those who get the shots are likely to have less severe cases of malaria. The parasitic disease kills about 435,000...

  • Europe Mar 20, 2019

    Smoking Strong Pot Daily Raises Psychosis Risk, Study Finds

    Smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times, according to the biggest-ever study to examine the impact of pot on psychotic disorder rates. The research adds to previous studies that have found links between marijuana and mental health problems, but still does not definitively pinpoint marijuana as the cause. Psychotic disorders —...

  • Texas Dec 6, 2018

    1st Baby Born Using Uterus Transplanted From Deceased Donor

    Brazilian doctors are reporting the world’s first baby born to a woman with a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor. Eleven previous births have used a transplanted womb but from a living donor, usually a relative or friend. Experts said using uteruses from women who have died could make more transplants possible.

  • disease Jul 24, 2018

    Liberian Woman Likely Spread Ebola A Year After Infection, Doctors Say

    A Liberian woman who probably caught Ebola in 2014 may have infected three relatives a year after she first fell sick, doctors reported in a study published Monday. There have been previous instances of men spreading Ebola to women via sexual transmission — the virus can survive in semen for more than a year — but the new case is...

  • Commissioner Jun 1, 2018

    UN Health Agency Backs Away From Call to Tax Sugary Drinks

    An independent World Health Organization panel is backing away from the U.N. health agency’s own call two years ago to tax sugary drinks, in a new report on diseases like cancer, obesity and diabetes that some experts slammed as being “conspicuously limp.” International health experts said the decision was especially baffling, given the rising obesity crisis worldwide and WHO’s own...

  • Chief Nov 28, 2017

    ‘Unacceptable': About 11 Percent of Drugs in Poor Countries Are Fake, UN Health Agency Says

    About 11 percent of medicines in developing countries are counterfeit and likely responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of children from diseases like malaria and pneumonia every year, the World Health Organization said Tuesday. It’s the first attempt by the U.N. health agency to assess the problem. Experts reviewed 100 studies involving more than 48,000 medicines. Drugs for...

  • Trump administration Jul 20, 2017

    For 1st Time, Over Half of People With HIV Taking AIDS Drugs

    For the first time in the global AIDS epidemic that has spanned four decades and killed 35 million people, more than half of all those infected with HIV are on drugs to treat the virus, the United Nations said in a report released Thursday. AIDS deaths are also now close to half of what they were in 2005, according to...

  • Commissioner Jun 20, 2017

    Neighbors: Alleged Mosque Attacker Made Anti-Muslim Slurs

    Neighbors and acquaintances described the man who allegedly attacked a group of Muslim worshippers as an unemployed lout who was drinking heavily and making anti-Muslim remarks in the days before the attack — details to be closely examined as the investigation widened Tuesday. The attack unfolded Monday when the alleged assailant, identified by British media as 47-year-old Darren Osborne, drove...

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