• Columbus Day Oct 7

    Indigenous Peoples Day to Be Recognized in Boston Starting This Year

    The second Monday in October, celebrated for years as Columbus Day, will be recognized as Indigenous Peoples Day in Boston starting this year, Mayor Kim Janey has announced. It’s an effort to recognize and celebrate the Massachusett Tribe, who lived where Boston now stands before colonizers arrived, as well as the neighboring Wampanoag and Nipmuc tribes. “Observing Indigenous Peoples...

  • Boston University Sep 21

    Native American Tribe Wants BU to Change Name of Myles Standish Dorm

    A Native American tribe is calling on Boston University to change the name of a dorm that honors Myles Standish, the military leader of the Pilgrims. The Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoag says Myles Standish Hall should be renamed Wituwamat Memorial Hall after a leading Native American figure massacred with other tribal members by Plymouth Colony settlers in 1623. “Long celebrated…

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