New England snow

  • March snowfall Feb 22

    Does Quiet February Mean Snowy March? Here’s What History Tells Us

    Meteorological winter may end once March arrives, but if you live in New England long enough you know the snow rarely stops there. The 1997 April Fools’ Day blizzard is the poster child for that. After such an easy winter around Boston, many people are wondering if there is still time for us to be walloped by a wintry blast….

  • forecast Jan 17

    Weekend Snowstorm Set to Blast New England

    A shot of winter air is not only cold but dry – meaning this Canadian air will make for plenty of Friday sunshine that will be rather ineffective since temperatures will not exceed the 20s and wind chill values will be stuck around or under 10 degrees for most of us.  Of course, wind chill is driven not just by…

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