• climate change 18 hours ago

    NOAA: Rising Seas Make ‘Sunny Day' Flooding More Common

    This month’s heavy rains follow a year in which coastal communities in the United States experienced record high-tide flooding, a trend that federal ocean researchers say is expected to continue into the future “without improved flood defenses.” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in a report released this month, said years of rising sea levels have made high-tide flooding,...

  • hurricane elsa Jul 8

    Elsa Brings 40 MPH Winds to Carolinas as It Moves Up Atlantic

    Heavy rain and gusty winds pelted Southeastern parts of the U.S., including Myrtle Beach, S.C.

  • jellyfish Jun 30

    Mass. Officials Warn of Venomous Portuguese Man-of-War at State Beach

    Massachusetts officials are warning beachgoers that the venomous Portuguese man-of-war has been spotted in the waters off Horseneck Beach in Westport. The Department of Conservation and Recreation on Tuesday warned the public of the sea creature’s presence and said it has posted purple flags at the beach to indicate the presence of dangerous marine animals. The Portuguese man-of-war is...

  • drones Jun 23

    Drones to Be Used for Lobster Fishing Gear Inspections

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it will inspect lobster fishing gear from Maine to Massachusetts and beyond using remote cameras. The operations will take place in both inshore and offshore waters from the summer into this fall, according to Mike Henry, a deputy special agent in charge for the Northeast Division of NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement....

  • environment Jun 22

    New Coral Protections Coming to Areas Off New England

    Federal regulators have signed off on new protections for thousands of square miles of deep-sea corals off New England. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday it has approved a final rule that designates the coral protection areas on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine. The largest of the underwater areas is called the Georges Bank Deep-Sea…

  • 2021 Hurricane Season May 20

    NOAA Predicting ‘Above-Normal' 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting an “above-normal” 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, with 13-20 named storms expected. Of those named storms, six to ten are expected to be hurricanes and three to five could be major hurricanes, according to acting NOAA administrator Ben Friedman, who delivered the outlook during a virtual media briefing Thursday. June 1 marks the…

  • weather averages May 6

    Average Temperatures Changing Soon Thanks to Climate Change

    Every decade, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration redefines our weather averages. Our averages are defined by a 30-year span of time. That 30-year average is made up of an overlapping 20 years and a new 10 years. For example, when you hear the First Alert weather team talking about the temperature being a certain number of degrees above or…

  • Massachusetts May 6

    How Changing Climate Is Pushing Up Average Temperature Levels

    With climate change, global temperatures are going up, but starting this week it won’t sound like it’s as hot as before.

  • whales Apr 13

    Rare Whales Spotted Off Boston; Caution Urged

    A group of rare whales has been spotted east of Boston, prompting the federal government to urge caution among boaters. The whales are North Atlantic right whales, which number only about 360 in the world. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it is asking mariners to route around the area or transit through it at 10 knots or less…

  • climate change Apr 5

    The Climate Change Project 2021: A Green Future

    The climate crisis is urgent, and so is the need for communities to begin implementing sustainable solutions to mitigate its effects. Meteorologist and Climate Expert Chris Gloninger speaks with experts about nature-based solutions and renewable energy sources. Specifically, we look at how we can use and mimic land formations to protect from severe storms, harvest energy from the sun and...

  • NOAA Jan 16

    Federal Report Says COVID Pandemic Hit Seafood Industry Hard

    The coronavirus pandemic has taken away about a third of the commercial fishing industry’s revenue, according to a federal report released on Friday. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said revenues from catch brought to the docks by commercial fishermen fell 29% over the course of the first seven months of the year. Revenues declined every month from March to…

  • climate change Dec 15, 2020

    It's Close, But 2020 Likely to End Up Hottest Year on Record

    Meteorologists say it’ll be close but it’s looking like 2020 globally will end up as the hottest year on record.

  • right whales Nov 18, 2020

    Right Whale Protections Off New England Extended to End of November

    The federal government has extended measures meant to protect an endangered species of whale off New England through the end of the month. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it is asking mariners to go slowly through an area south of Nantucket or avoid it completely. Similar protections have been in place throughout the fall. The whale numbers at…

  • North Atlantic Oct 27, 2020

    Population of North Atlantic Right Whales Dips Again, to 366

    The population of North Atlantic right whales, an endangered species that has been the focus of conservation efforts for decades, has dipped to less than 370, officials said. The whale numbers at only 366, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday in an estimate that reflects the population as of January 2019. The previous estimate, which reflected January 2018,…

  • BOSTON Oct 15, 2020

    New England's 2020 Winter Outlook Has Some Tentatively Good News

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday released the winter outlook for the 2020-2021 season across the United States. The southern U.S. is expected to be warmer and drier this year while the northern U.S. is expected to be colder and wetter. But here in New England, we anticipate a slight chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures and an equal...

  • hurricane season Aug 6, 2020

    NOAA Updates 2020 Hurricane Season Prediction to ‘Extremely Active' With 19-25 Named Storms

    The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be an “extremely active season,” officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday. Forecasters expect between 19 and 25 named storms, and between seven and 11 hurricanes this season. Three to six of the storms are expected to become major hurricanes. These estimates include the seven tropical storms and two…

  • global warming Jun 18, 2020

    2020 on Track to Be One of the Warmest Years on Record

    This year is on track to be one of the warmest on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which also announced Thursday that last month had tied the previous record for the warmest May in recorded history.

  • Bluefish Mar 3, 2020

    Bluefish Are Overfished, So Feds Say Anglers Must Take Fewer

    One of the most popular fish with recreational anglers on the East Coast will be subject to new fishing restrictions. The new restrictions apply to bluefish, which sport fishermen seek from Maine to Florida in the U.S. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the fish have been declared overfished. NOAA is applying interim regulations to recreational vessels fishing...

  • INVESTIGATIVE Feb 25, 2020

    ‘Ship Strikes' Killing Whales Despite Govt. Program to Slow Down Vessels

    Ships are hitting and killing whales off the California coast at some of the highest rates in more than a decade, according to data obtained and tabulated by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit. The spike in ‘ship strikes’ comes despite a 5-year government initiative to slow down vessels as they make their way into San Francisco Bay.

  • climate change Feb 13, 2020

    NOAA: January 2020 Was Earth's Hottest in Recorded History

    The planet experienced the hottest January in recorded history last month, marking the latest milestone in a string of climate records that have been broken in recent years, NBC News reports.

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