Ohio State University

  • Ohio State University Mar 7

    Ohio State Settling Some Suits Over Doctor Abuse; Cost Unclear

    Ohio State reached an unspecified settlement with nearly half of the roughly 350 men who say they were sexually abused decades ago by a team doctor who was jokingly known among some athletes by nicknames like “Dr. Jelly Paws.”

  • Ohio State University Feb 12

    Brother of OSU Whistleblower Said Rep. Jim Jordan Asked for Support Amid Allegations He Turned a Blind Eye to Sex Abuse

    The brother of Ohio State University whistleblower Mike DiSabato told state lawmakers in a public hearing Tuesday that Rep. Jim Jordan personally pleaded with him to intercede after DiSabato publicly accused the Republican congressman of turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of male wrestlers by team doctor Richard Strauss, NBC News reported....For the full story, go to...

  • Ohio State University Feb 12

    2 Ohio State Football Players Accused of Rape, Kidnapping

    Two Ohio State University football players were booked into jail early Wednesday on charges of rape and kidnapping, police said.

  • Donald Trump Nov 8, 2019

    Referee Claims He Told GOP Rep. Jordan About Abuse by Ohio State Univ. Doctor

    A professional referee says in a lawsuit filed Thursday that disgraced doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match at Ohio State University, and he reported the encounter directly to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who was then the assistant coach. NBC News reports the referee, identified in court papers as John Doe 42,...

  • Attorney Aug 24, 2019

    Accusers in Ohio State Doctor Scandal Top 300

    Lawyers for men suing Ohio State University over decades-old alleged sexual misconduct by a team doctor say the growing number of accusers has topped 300. Totals confirmed to The Associated Press put the group’s size in the same ballpark as the initial wave of plaintiffs who got $425 million from Michigan State University to settle claims related to Larry Nassar,...

  • spokesman Aug 14, 2019

    Ohio State University Seeks to Trademark the Word ‘The’

    Ohio State University wants to trademark the word “The” when used as part of the school’s name on university merchandise. The Columbus Dispatch reports the school submitted a trademark application this month to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application requests a standard character trademark for the title “The Ohio State University” that would cover various items including T-shirts,...

  • spokesman May 7, 2019

    Recent Airline Crashes Run Against Trend Toward Safer Flying

    After a long trend toward greater safety in air travel, there has been an uptick in airline accidents and deaths in 2018 and 2019. Many aviation experts regard that recent increase as a statistical blip, however. They note that accidents and deaths remain a fraction of the numbers from as recently as the 1990s. Advances in aircraft and airport design,...

  • illness Apr 8, 2019

    Telemedicine Tied to More Antibiotics for Kids, Study Finds

    Sniffling, sore-throated kids seen via telemedicine visits were far more likely to be prescribed antibiotics than those who went to a doctor’s office or clinic, according to a new study. Many of those prescriptions disregarded medical guidelines, raising the risk they could cause side effects or contribute to the rise of antibiotic-resistant germs. “I understand the desire for care that’s...

  • Ohio State University Jan 16, 2019

    Hospital: Doc Gave Near-Death Patients Excessive Pain Meds

    An intensive care doctor ordered “significantly excessive and potentially fatal” doses of pain medicine for at least 27 near-death patients in the past few years after families asked that lifesaving measures be stopped, an Ohio hospital system announced after being sued by a family alleging an improper dose of fentanyl actively hastened the death of one of those patients. The...

  • Canada Jan 1, 2019

    Rose Parade Float Catches on Fire

    While the Rose Parade had many high notes, it also had a bit of a scare when a float caught on fire New Year’s Day.

  • Ohio State University Dec 10, 2018

    Mmm … Bacon! Vending Machine a Hit on Ohio State University Campus

    Many Ohio State University students are taking a break from studying for final exams by making a bacon run. Senior Sarah Page, who studies meat science, says the bacon vending machine at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has turned out to be even more popular than expected. It has to be restocked four or five times a...

  • Massachusetts Oct 14, 2018

    #MeToo Inspires Wave of Old Misconduct Reports to Colleges

    For 35 years, Ruth D’Eredita tried to dismiss her former professor’s behavior — the way he touched her, groped her and kissed her. But last year, as dozens of women came forward to share similar encounters with powerful men, she started to see her memories differently. “It made me look at that incident and say, no, it was wrong,” said...

  • NBC News Aug 16, 2018

    Feds Open Investigation Into Former Ohio State Wrestling Doctor Accused of Abuse

    The U.S. Department of Education is investigating Ohio State University’s response to complaints about a doctor molesting wrestlers and other athletes decades ago, NBC News reported. For the last four months, the university has been investigating complaints from wrestlers who said that Dr. Richard Strauss, who killed himself in 2005, molested them. The investigation will touch on “allegations that employees...

  • NBC News Aug 10, 2018

    Former OSU Wrestler Changes Story After Accusing Rep. Jim Jordan of Ignoring Abuse

    A conservative group that has been defending Rep. Jim Jordan released a quote from a former Ohio State University wrestler on Thursday in which he appears to recant his claim that the congressman knew, as an assistant coach, that the wrestling team doctor was sexually abusing athletes, NBC News reported. Mark Coleman, a former UFC world champion, said in a...

  • The Associated Press Jul 31, 2018

    Trump Administration Says Driving Would Be Riskier If Fuel Standards Tougher

    The Trump administration says people would drive more and be exposed to increased risk if their cars get better gas mileage, an argument intended to justify freezing Obama-era toughening of fuel standards. Transportation experts dispute the arguments, contained in a draft of the administration’s proposals prepared this summer, excerpts of which were obtained by The Associated Press. The excerpts also...

  • Florida Jul 26, 2018

    Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Passes Yet Another Test

    More than a century after Albert Einstein proposed it, his theory of general relativity has passed another test. With giant telescopes pointed at the center of our galaxy, a team of European researchers observed a fast-moving star that got close to a monstrous black hole. They saw that the black hole distorted the light waves from the star in a...

  • PRESIDENT Jul 20, 2018

    Ohio State: 100 Ex-Students Report Sex Misconduct by Now-Dead Team Doctor

    More than 100 former students have provided firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by the now-dead Ohio State University team physician at the center of an ongoing investigation, the university said on Friday. Over 200 former students and university employees have been confidentially interviewed by independent investigators reviewing allegations against Richard Strauss involving male athletes from 14 sports as well as...

  • NBC News Jul 17, 2018

    Former Ohio State Wrestlers Sue University Over Doctor’s Alleged Abuse

    A group of former wrestlers is suing Ohio State University in federal court, claiming its administrators knew about team doctor Richard Strauss sexually abusing athletes more than 20 years ago and did nothing to stop it, NBC News reported. The class-action lawsuit alleges Strauss subjected male athletes in 14 sports to “excessive and medically unnecessary fondling, touching, and groping” during...

  • coach Jul 17, 2018

    USA Diving Accused in Lawsuit of Ignoring Sex Abuse of Divers

    Two former divers are suing USA Diving, accusing the national governing body of ignoring or obstructing inquiries into allegations that a coach sexually abused them when they were young athletes dreaming of Olympic glory. The federal lawsuit, filed last week, names Indianapolis-based USA Diving, Inc., the Ohio State University Diving Club and Will Bohonyi. The suit alleges that Bohonyi, who...

  • NBC Jul 12, 2018

    Ohio State Wrestlers Describe Abuse by Dr. Strauss in Wrenching Video

    A video that was created to spur on the internal university investigation into a former Ohio State University wrestling doctor — and last week led to questions about what Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a former coach, knew about the alleged abuse at the time — is an emotional recounting of what one former athlete has called a “cesspool of sexual...

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