• BOSTON Aug 5

    Boston Ranked Second-Most Rat-Infested City

    Census data shows Boston has the second-most rat and mouse sightings in the country behind Philadelphia.

  • BOSTON Aug 5

    Boston Ranked Second Most Rat-Infested City

    In a city known for churning out championships, coming in second is usually out of the question. In this case, however, Boston is better off at number two. Recent Census data shows Boston has the second highest number of rat and mouse sightings when compared with the 15 most populated metros in the U.S., behind only Philadelphia. Philly had 18.9%…

  • Maine Jul 16

    Rat Sightings Lead to Complaints in Small Maine Town

    The small Maine town of Milford has been getting attention in recent weeks because of a rat problem. According to Chief Josh Mailman of the Milford Fire Department, over the past week and a half to two weeks, the town has gotten a number of complaints about a number of rats in the area. Last week, the calls went down…

  • rats Jul 1

    Health Officials Concerned About Growing Rat Problem in North Attleboro: Report

    Health officials in North Attleboro are warning residents about a rise in the rat population after hundreds of the creatures were found at a condominium complex, the Sun Chronicle reports. Health Agent Sherri Miller-Bedau told the paper she discovered 100 to 200 rats living and burrowing at a condominium complex at 180 Park St. after receiving complaints. Officials at the…

  • rodents Jun 25

    Woman Charged for Feeding RI Rats That Exacerbated Rodent Issue

    A woman was charged with allegedly violating a Rhode Island city ordinance against feeding wild animals. The 55-year-old woman’s neighbors blame her for exacerbating the rodent problem in Cranston, WJAR-TV reported. Last week, the publication captured several nocturnal rats active in the middle of the day. Neighbors say that it’s even worse during the night. The woman and her...

  • Chipotle Dec 10, 2020

    NYC Chipotle Besieged By Avocado-Hungry Rats, Employees Say

    A hungry horde of rats overtook an upper Manhattan Chipotle last month, forcing the burrito chain to temporarily close the location after employees say they were forced to take matters into their own hands to try to beat back the infestation. At least four workers at the Washington Heights restaurant say they were bitten by rats in the last few…

  • BOSTON Sep 23, 2020

    Dealing With a Rise in Rats

    Allston is one of several neighborhoods around Boston where rats have been on the rise.

  • rats Sep 23, 2020

    Rat Sightings Are on the Rise in Boston. Here's Why It Could Be Happening

    The city of Boston is launching an “aggressive campaign” to address the rise in rat activity amid an influx of complaints about the rodents in multiple neighborhoods, The Boston Herald reports. The Inspectional Services Department says the agency “will begin an aggressive campaign to diminish the rodent population in Boston,” according to the paper. Some, including City Councilor Ed Flynn,…

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