• recycling Jun 29

    How Much Do We Really Know About Recycling?

    Only 8.4% of discarded plastic actually goes through the full recycling process to be transformed into other products. The rest ends up in landfills. So how are so many companies still touting their plastic products as recyclable? The New York Times explains.

  • holidays Dec 26, 2019

    How to Cut Down on Christmas Waste

    Christmas produces a lot of joy…and garbage. Americans produce 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to the EPA. Learn what should go into the recycle bin and what might be better suited for the landfill — or swapped out completely.

  • recycling Dec 10, 2019

    California Fines CVS $3.6 Million For Failing to Recycle

    California is fining the nation’s largest pharmacy health care provider a record $3.6 million for failing to redeem deposits on bottles and cans at some of its locations, regulators said Monday. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, better known as CalRecycle, said its investigation found that 81 of CVS Pharmacy’s 848 retail stores in California refused to redeem…

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