• Ashmont Station Jan 10

    Frozen-Shrimp Seller Punched, Robbed at MBTA Station: Transit Police

    A man has been arrested and charged with attempted unarmed robbery after allegedly assaulting and stealing from a man selling bags of frozen shrimp on a Red Line train Wednesday night, authorities said. The victim was trying to sell $10 bags of frozen shrimp to fellow passengers on a Red Line train heading from JFK Station to Ashmont after 9…

  • red line Dec 31, 2020

    For the First Time in 26 Years, New MBTA Red Line Train Cars Hit the Rails

    The last time a Red Line train made up of new cars entered service, the Celtics and Bruins still played at the Boston Garden and Thomas Menino was still learning the ropes of being mayor. That was 1994. And the next set of brand-new train cars to pick up Red Line passengers debuted on Wednesday, 26 years later, the Massachusetts…

  • red line Dec 16, 2020

    FBI Agent Involved in Shooting on Maryland Metro Train

    An FBI agent was involved in a shooting on board a Metro train early Tuesday and an investigation is underway, Metro and FBI officials say. A man was shot multiple times and was taken to a hospital. Information on his identity and condition were not immediately released. Metro Transit Police received a report just before 7 a.m. of “an FBI…

  • the T Oct 5, 2020

    MBTA Forecasts New Orange, Red Line Fleets Will Be Delayed at Least 1 Year

    The full transformation of the Red and Orange Line fleets will be delayed by at least a year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and pre-existing manufacturing issues, MBTA officials announced Monday. Under its contract with Chinese manufacturer CRRC, the MBTA expected to have a fleet of new Orange Line cars delivered by January 2022 and a fleet of…

  • mbta Jun 29, 2020

    Shuttle Buses Deployed on MBTA Red Line Due to ‘Medical Emergency'

    Shuttle buses were deployed to replace service on the MBTA’s Red Line due to what the agency described as a medical emergency. The agency said in a tweet that shuttle buses were replacing Red Line service between Harvard and Alewife stations. The MBTA earlier tweeted a person was under a train at Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts, Monday. Delays...

  • Massachusetts Jun 26, 2020

    Man Killed by Red Line Train at Porter Sq. Station in Cambridge

    A man was struck and killed by a Red Line train in Cambridge Friday afternoon, MBTA Transit Police said. Red Line service has been interrupted, with shuttle buses replacing trains between Alewife and Harvard stations, the MBTA said. Service delays are expected. Officers were called about the incident at the Porter Sq. Station about 4:15 p.m., police said. Local firefighters…

  • COVID-19 May 9, 2020

    MBTA Repair Schedules Derailed by Coronavirus Pandemic

    Nearly two dozen MBTA projects, including high-profile components of a plan to speed repairs during more frequent system shutdowns, will be delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While senior public transit officials say they are still exploring ways to accelerate work while ridership is at historically low levels, postponements on a significant chunk of projects range between one…

  • cta shooting Mar 1, 2020

    Chicago Mayor Calls Police Shooting Video ‘Extremely Disturbing'

    Chicago’s mayor said video footage of police shooting and wounding a suspect inside a downtown Chicago train station is “extremely disturbing” and that she supports the interim police superintendent’s request for prosecutors to be sent directly to the scene — an unusual or perhaps unprecedented action in the nation’s third largest city. After watching what she called the “widely...

  • mbta Feb 25, 2020

    Delays on MBTA Red Line After Sparks and Smoke Shoot From Train

    The MBTA Red Line was experiencing delays of more than half an hour at one point Monday night after a train experienced a mechanical problem and sent smoke into a train station. Shortly before 9 p.m., the MBTA said a northbound train became disabled at Broadway. About 20 minutes later, the MBTA said fire crews were responding after smoke dispersed…

  • mbta Feb 25, 2020

    Mechanical Problem Causes Delays on Red Line

    The Broadway MBTA station filled with smoke following a mechanical issue.

  • red line Feb 18, 2020

    Man Bitten by Stranger, Girlfriend's Hair Pulled on MBTA Red Line, Police Say

    A man was arrested this weekend after allegedly attacking a couple he didn’t know on an MBTA Red Line train in Boston, biting a man and pulling the hair of that man’s girlfriend when she tried to intervene. Bernadino Baran-Garcia, a 26-year-old from Dorchester, was found by MBTA Transit Police officers yelling profanities and pounding his chest at the...

  • mbta Feb 15, 2020

    Red Line Train Service Resumes After Crews Fix Broken Rail

    Shuttle buses replaced Red Line train service from Park Street to Harvard for hours Saturday morning as repair crews worked to fix a broken rail on the track. MBTA tweeted Saturday morning that both directions of the rail service were temporarily closed. Rail service resumed before noon.

  • red line Jan 9, 2020

    Mechanical Problem Causes Delays on MBTA's Red Line

    The MBTA’s Red Line saw delays Thursday in Boston due to a train with a mechanical problem. The MBTA reported delays of up to 30 minutes because of the issue on the Ashmont branch. The train was being taken to a train yard, the agency said. The MBTA later tweeted that the train had been cleared from the scene. The…

  • mbta Nov 26, 2019

    Smoke on MBTA Red Line Tracks Causes Delays

    An investigation of smoke on the MBTA Red Line is causing a 10-minute delay for commuters.

  • mbta Nov 15, 2019

    Red Line Closures to Last Through Dec. 15

    The MBTA is going to be shutting down service for some Red Line stations as part of an improvement plan.

  • BOSTON Oct 5, 2019

    MBTA Red Line Repairs Complete

  • BOSTON Sep 26, 2019

    Red Line Repairs Done, But New Orange Line Trains Out of Service

    The MBTA says its new Orange Line trains are out of service due to a door malfunction, even as regular service has resumed on the Red Line following months of repairs. The MBTA said Wednesday the new trains were taken out of service after a set of doors on one of them opened while traveling near Massachusetts Avenue Station Friday....

  • mbta Sep 26, 2019

    MBTA Red Line Repairs Complete

    It’s been a long summer for the MBTA Red Line since one train derailed in June. After months of repair, the JFK/UMass Station is ready to reopen to the public.

  • BOSTON Sep 25, 2019

    Months After Red Line Train Derailment, Signal Repairs Complete

    Three months after a Red Line train derailed causing significant damage and massive delays, regularly scheduled service has resumed, according to MBTA officials. The signal system between JFK/UMass and North Quincy was repaired over the weekend but crews finished testing it Wednesday.

  • mbta Sep 16, 2019

    Red Line Train Derailment Caused by Faulty Axle: Officials

    MBTA officials said Monday that a June derailment on the Red Line was caused by a fractured axle, three months after the incident caused major delays. Officials said poor electrical connectivity between a ground brush and ground ring caused stray electrical arcing on the surface of the axle. Over time, this weakened the axle and led to the failure.

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