• Lasagna Love Apr 6

    Spreading Love, One Lasagna At a Time

    What’s your go-to comfort food? Something cheesy, warm and delicious? One mom is offering a lot of comfort with her project “Lasagna Love.” It started as an idea to provide warm meals to a few families in her community. Now, the non-profit has 20,000 “chefs” spreading the love nationwide at a time when we could all use a little...

  • Lasagna Love Sep 1, 2020

    Mass. Mother Helps Community in Need Amid Pandemic With Specialty Dish

    A Massachusetts wife and mother is combining her knack for cooking with her desire to help families in need amid the coronavirus pandemic. Rhiannon Menn, of Somerville, loves lasagna. When she decided she wanted to give back by feeding her community, Menn realized lasagna was the perfect dish to do it with. She enjoys making the dish her daughter, Cimorenec,…

  • Lasagna Love Sep 1, 2020

    Mass. Mother Sends Lasagna to Families in Need

    A Massachusetts mother is giving back to the community amid the coronavirus pandemic and sending lasagna to people in need of food.

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