• Tech Tuesday Feb 2

    Tech Tuesday: Robots to Do Your Chores, Pour Your Wine

    Mike Proulx, research director at Forrester, talks about one of Samsung’s CES 2021 robots that can do your chores like pick up laundry, empty and load the dishwasher and even pour you a glass of wine.

  • samsung Feb 20, 2020

    Samsung Users Puzzled By ‘Find My Mobile' Notification

    Samsung users woke up Thursday morning to a “find my mobile” notification.

  • tech Feb 11, 2020

    Samsung's New Foldable Phone: Cheaper, But Still a Novelty

    Samsung on Tuesday unveiled a new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip

  • CES 2020 Jan 7, 2020

    CES 2020: No to Junk Food; Machines Make Cocktails; Robot Friend

    A wristband that will help you say “no” to junk food. A machine that will mix drinks for you. These were among the gadgets showcased this week at the CES technology conference in Las Vegas. The four-day show, which opened Tuesday, is a place for companies to unveil their products and services for the coming year, though Apple, Google and other...

  • google Nov 14, 2019

    Motorola Just Brought Back the Famous Razr With a Display That Folds in Half, But it Costs $1,500

    Lenovo’s Motorola on Wednesday announced a new version of the iconic Razr flip phone. It has a full touch screen display inside — no keypad — but still folds in half like the clamshell design of phones from the 1990s and early 2000s. I like the throwback design. It will succeed the Samsung Galaxy Fold as the second foldable phone...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Nov 8, 2019

    ‘Tonight' in Texas: Surprise Giveaway to UT Austin Students

    Jimmy Fallon teams up with Samsung to help them surprise three special UT Austin students Alma Zamora, Elizabeth Yoon and Fitzgerald Alan – with a Galaxy Note10+, Samsung holiday bundle and… paying for the remainder of their college tuition!

  • United States Oct 28, 2019

    Samsung's ‘Space Selfie' Falls Out of Sky, Lands on Michigan Couple's Property

    A Michigan woman said that a device launched by Samsung into space last week crash-landed on her rural property in Michigan on Saturday. The “Space Selfie” device, which the company said aimed to capture images “using a unique view of planet earth as the backdrop,” was found by Nancy Mumby-Welke and her husband on Saturday morning after they heard a...

  • United States Sep 23, 2019

    Samsung's Folding Phone Hits the US

    Samsung’s folding phone is finally hitting the U.S. Samsung will start selling the Galaxy Fold, a phone with a screen that folds together like a book, on Friday. There will be an AT&T version as well as an unlocked version sold at Best Buy and Samsung stores. The South Korean tech giant had put the Galaxy Fold’s launch on hold...

  • NEW YORK Aug 18, 2019

    The Often-Hated Open Floor Plan Gets a New Savior: The Office Pod

    The open floor plan has become a minefield of distractions for office workers — the incessant ringing of phones, the chatter of co-workers, typing on keyboards — all of which threaten to undermine a productive workday. Enter the office pod. These sleek, self-contained booths are increasingly being sought by employers and have been embraced by workers. They provide a quiet...

  • CEO Aug 8, 2019

    After Mocking Apple, Samsung Removes Headphone Jack From New Phones

    Samsung used to use headphone jacks on its smartphones as a marketing tool against Apple. But Wednesday, Samsung reversed course. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ Wednesday. Neither phone has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, a first for the Galaxy Note family which has traditionally tried to distinguish itself from Apple’s iPhones with features Apple doesn’t...

  • United States Apr 22, 2019

    Samsung Delays Folding Phone Launch After Breaking Issues

    Samsung is pushing back this week’s planned public launch of its highly anticipated, $2,000 folding phone after reports that reviewers’ phones were breaking. The company had been planning to release the Galaxy Fold on Friday, but instead it will now run more tests and announce a new launch date in the “coming weeks.”

  • United States Apr 18, 2019

    Some of Samsung's Folding Phones Are Already Breaking

    Some of Samsung’s new, almost $2,000 folding phones appear to be breaking after just a couple of days. Journalists who received the phones to review before the public launch said the Galaxy Fold screen started flickering and turning black before completely fizzling out. Two journalists said they removed a thin, protective layer from the screens that they thought was supposed...

  • smartphone Feb 26, 2019

    The Features in Samsung's Newest Gadget

    Samsung revealed its longly anticipated Galaxy S10 will ship in early March. NBC10 Boston Tech Check reporter, Brian Shactman, got to test the new gadget before it hit the market. Some of its newly improved features include touch ID and the phone boasts five different cameras. That’s right, an entire handful so users can get that perfect photo depending on...

  • Twitter Feb 21, 2019

    Fortnite Has New Rival in ‘Apex Legends'

    Samsung’s new smartwatch was designed with athletes in mind. It is meant to be more comfortable to wear while working out. You can now pre-order it online. Twitter is trying to make it easier to follow conversations. They are asking for public feedback first. Apex Legends is the new rival for Fortnite. It’s pretty similar, but you play in groups...

  • San Francisco Feb 20, 2019

    Samsung Folding Phone Is Different – But Also Almost $2,000

    Samsung unveiled a highly anticipated smartphone with a foldable screen in an attempt to break the innovation funk that has beset the smartphone market. But it’s far from clear that consumers will embrace a device that retails for almost $2,000, or that it will provide the creative catalyst the smartphone market needs.

  • Technology Feb 7, 2019

    Apps Could Be Recording Your Screen

    A new report shows some apps track and record your screen to see how you use their apps to learn about customer interaction. The Calm app is valued at $1 billion. The relaxation app says it now has 40 million downloads worldwide.

  • Danielle Abreu Jan 31, 2019

    Things Not to Leave in Your Car During Freezing Weather

    Items such as mobile devices and musical instruments can be damaged if left inside a car in freezing temperatures, while canned goods and glass bottles are exploding hazards that could leave you with a sticky mess....
    As a deadly polar vortex grips a large swath of the U.S. with record-low temperatures, experts warn these are among the worst items to leave...

  • CEO Jan 22, 2019

    Here's Some of the Technology Set to Make a ‘Quantum Leap' in 2019

    From foldable cellphones to high tech burgers, more than 4,500 companies showcased their latest technology at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show which took place in Las Vegas earlier this month.

  • social media Jan 10, 2019

    Some Samsung Users Cannot Delete Facebook App

    Certain Samsung phones come preloaded with the Facebook app as part of a deal between the mobile giant and social media company. Users cannot delete the app, but can disable it. Google Assistant debuts lives translation to people who don’t speak the same languages. It supports 27 different languages. Jaxjox showed off its new kettlebell that can be adjusted to...

  • San Francisco Nov 14, 2018

    Black Friday Still on Track as Busiest Shopping Day Despite ‘Christmas Creep': Survey

    Even though retailers are offering deals earlier and earlier each holiday season, resulting in a “Christmas creep,” Black Friday is still expected to be the busiest shopping day of 2018, by far, according to one retail tracking firm. In addition, the top 10 shopping days of the holiday season are expected to account for almost 45 percent of this year’s...

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