• BOSTON Dec 17, 2018

    Columbia Gas Misses Second Restoration Deadline

    On Nov. 19, Columbia Gas missed its first self-imposed deadline to restore gas service to about 8,000 customers. Then, on Sunday, the company missed its second self-imposed deadline. The utility, which confirmed that more than 100 customers are still offline, said its crews have restored gas services to 98 percent of affected customers, noting that the remaining two percent are...

  • Perry Russom Dec 4, 2018

    Columbia Gas Nears Dec. 16 Restoration Deadline

    Columbia Gas crews were out working on Sunday as the Dec. 16 restoration deadline nears. The Rennies say they are ready to move on. Their heaters have been powered by a humming generator outside for months, requiring wiring to weave into their third floor apartment.

  • Thanksgiving Oct 27, 2018

    Columbia Gas Hosts Open House to Discuss Restoration Delay

    Columbia Gas and other recovery leaders held an open house at Lawrence High School on Saturday afternoon, allowing hundreds of residents to ask questions about the gas service restoration delay and other customer service issues.

  • Twitter Oct 21, 2018

    Columbia Gas Warns of Fake Notes

    Columbia Gas has issued a warning that scammers are apparently leaving fake notes on customers’ doors. The scam alert was posted Saturday afternoon to the Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Twitter page. According to the tweet, the scam is a fake note left on residences’ doors.

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