• storrowing Oct 15

    PHOTOS: Top of Moving Truck Shredded by BU Bridge on Storrow Drive

    A moving truck got Storrowed in Boston on Friday, leaving part of the vehicle in tatters on the street near the Boston University Bridge. The roof of the box truck was ripped off by the impact, which temporarily reduced the eastbound side of Storrow Drive to one lane. Massachusetts State Police were on hand to assist. Tall vehicles are banned…

  • BOSTON Sep 7

    Can We Make It Under That Bridge? A History of Storrowing

    There were more “Storrowing” incidents in August than days in that month. Crashes in which trucks become wedged under overpasses of Storrow Drive in Boston are so prevalent, they’ve become a verb. The TEN looks at why they’re so common and what can be done.

  • BOSTON Jul 27, 2020

    Another ‘Storrowing' in Boston on Monday Morning

    Another truck was “Storrowed” on Monday morning, that fabled term for driving a truck on Storrow Drive that is too big for the overhanging bridges and winds up getting stuck. Around 7:30 a.m. Monday, a truck trying to squeeze under the Dartmouth Street footbridge on Storrow Drive had its top ripped off. The truck was then moved to Beacon Street…

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