GM Plans to Pull Out of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand

    General Motors says it’s pulling out of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand as part of a strategy to exit markets that don’t produce adequate returns on investments, dismaying officials concerned over job losses

  • mass shooting Feb 9

    Thailand Mourns Victims of Country's Deadliest Mass Shooting

    As mourning began for the victims of Thailand’s worst mass shooting, the country counted its losses: a mother shot dead at the wheel of her car as her son sat beside her, a 13-year-old student gunned down as he was riding his motorbike home and more than two dozen other people. Authorities said the attack was carried out by...

  • Thailand Feb 9

    Soldier Dead After Killing 26 in Bloodiest Shooting Spree in Thailand

    A soldier with a grudge gunned down 26 people and wounded 57 in Thailand’s worst mass shooting before he was fatally shot inside a mall in the country’s northeast on Sunday, officials said. Officials said the soldier was angry over a financial dispute, first killing two people on a military base and then went on a far bloodier rampage Saturday,…

  • Jan 19

    International Women's Day Celebrations and Marches Around the World

    March 8 is International Women’s Day, and this year it comes on the heels of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, sparking an even stronger response from women all over the world who stood up for women’s rights. From the United States to Southeast Asia, women of all ages marched, stood, advocated and walked together in solidarity, demanding respect...

  • Thailand Dec 30, 2019

    Thai SEAL Dies of Blood Infection a Year After Cave Rescue

    A Thai navy SEAL who was part of the dramatic rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave has died of a blood infection contracted during the risky operation. The Royal Thai Navy says Petty Officer 1st Class Bayroot Pakbara was receiving treatment but his condition worsened after the infection spread into his blood.

  • tsunami Dec 26, 2019

    Indonesia, Thailand Mark 15th Anniversary of Massive Tsunami

    Religious services and memorial ceremonies have been held in Indonesia and Thailand to mark the 15th anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami, one of modern history’s worst natural disasters. Thousands of people knelt in prayer in Aceh province in Indonesia, the country which suffered the most casualties with more than 170,000 people killed or missing and assumed dead.

  • Elon Musk Dec 6, 2019

    Attorney Suggests $190 Million Settlement for Man Elon Musk Allegedly Branded ‘Pedo Guy' on Twitter

    An attorney told a Los Angeles federal jury Friday it would be reasonable to award $190 million in damages to a British cave explorer who is suing Elon Musk for allegedly branding him as a pedophile during a Twitter spat. Attorney Lin Wood said the suggested sum includes $150 million in punitive damages. Musk, who testified his stock in Tesla…

  • Elon Musk Dec 4, 2019

    Tesla CEO Musk Facing Defamation Trial for ‘Pedo Guy' Tweet

    Elon Musk is going on trial Tuesday for his troublesome tweets in a defamation case pitting the billionaire against a British diver he allegedly branded a pedophile. The Tesla CEO will be called to testify early in the case in Los Angeles federal court to explain what he meant when he called Vernon Unsworth, who helped rescue youth soccer players…

  • Massachusetts Nov 25, 2019

    Sex Assault Victim ‘Devastated' After Case Dropped

    Jamie Forbes came forward decades after he says his former teacher at Milton Academy attacked him as a teen. Now that the case against Reynold Buono has been dropped, he worries that he revealed his darkest secret for nothing.

  • Thailand Nov 21, 2019

    High-Rises Sway as Earthquake Rocks Thailand, Laos

    Moderate earthquakes struck Bangkok on Wednesday night, and the city experienced another earthquake Thursday morning.

  • Thailand Nov 21, 2019

    High-Rises Sway as Earthquake Rocks Thailand, Laos

    Moderate earthquakes struck Bangkok on Wednesday night, and the city experienced another earthquake Thursday morning.

  • Thailand Oct 6, 2019

    6 Elephants Die at Thai Park After Trying to Save Fallen Calf

    A herd of wild elephants was swept away by raging waters in a national park in Thailand, drowning six, while rangers helped steer two of the animals out of a deep ravine. Staff at Khao Yai National Park discovered the two struggling elephants and the carcasses after dawn Saturday near the Haew Narok waterfall, also known as the Ravine of...

  • Syria Aug 10, 2019

    Muslim Hajj Pilgrims Ascend Mount Arafat for Day of Worship

    More than 2 million Muslims gathered Saturday at the sacred hill of Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia for an intense day of worship and reflection on what’s considered the climax of the Islamic hajj pilgrimage. Many had tears streaming down their faces as they raised their hands in worship on the slopes of the rocky hill where the Prophet Muhammad...

  • PRESIDENT Jul 22, 2019

    Microsoft Pays $25 Million to Settle Corruption Charges

    Microsoft is paying more than $25 million to settle federal corruption charges involving a bribery scheme in Hungary and other foreign offices. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said Microsoft will pay about $16.6 million to settle charges that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. While the case centered on Hungary, the SEC said it also found improprieties at...

  • The Associated Press Jun 23, 2019

    Thai Soccer Team Marks Cave Ordeal Anniversary With Run

    A year after they became trapped in a flooded cave at the start of a two-week ordeal, some of the 12 young Thai soccer players and their coach marked the anniversary of the drama on Sunday that propelled them into celebrities. Around 4,000 people took part in the marathon and biking event Sunday morning, organized by local authorities to raise...

  • Donald Trump Jun 21, 2019

    Pig Disease Spreading in Asia as Nations Struggle to Stop It

    Asian nations are scrambling to contain highly contagious African swine fever, with Vietnam culling 2.6 million pigs and China reporting a million dead in an unprecedentedly huge epidemic some fear is out of control. Smaller outbreaks have been reported in Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea, Cambodia and Mongolia after cases were first reported in China’s northeast in August. The U.N....

  • coach Jun 20, 2019

    US Dominates Rival Sweden 2-0 to Remain Undefeated

    The United States is showing just how fiercely it is prepared to defend its Women’s World Cup title. The Americans faced their toughest test of the tournament on Thursday night and dominated in a 2-0 victory over Sweden, the rivals that stunned them in the last Olympics.

  • Canada Jun 17, 2019

    Carli Lloyd's Tiny Golf Clap After Scoring Delivers Big Message From US Women

    Carli Lloyd had just scored on an 18-yard volley to put the United States ahead 11 minutes in against Chile. After leaping, pumping a fist and hugging teammate Lindsey Horan, she raised both hands chin high and made four tiny pitter-patter claps, the type seen more frequently at Pebble Beach than Parc des Princes. A message? You bet.

  • Canada Jun 17, 2019

    US Women Advance to Knockout Round of World Cup With 3-0 Win Over Chile

    Carli Lloyd wasn’t thrilled to open the Women’s World Cup on the bench for the United States. She accepted the role, but made no secret she wanted to start. When the call came Sunday, Lloyd made it count with a pair of goals to lead the defending champions to a 3-0 victory over Chile. The win pushed the United States...

  • Sweden Jun 16, 2019

    Thailand Scores 1st World Cup Goal in 5-1 Loss to Sweden

    Thailand finally found something to celebrate after a humiliating start to the Women’s World Cup. It was just a single goal, and it came in a 5-1 loss to Sweden on Sunday, but it was enough to briefly allow the Thai squad to celebrate. Thailand was routed 13-0 by the United States in its opener. Sweden, which advanced into the...

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