• New Hampshire Oct 20

    Inside a NH Theater's Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight With COVID

    The Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, took us behind the scenes as it tried to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic in the spring and summer of 2020. This scrappy regional theater was one of the first to livestream a musical after the pandemic hit and soon developed even more digital programming, from live music acts to a…

  • Boston theaters Oct 15

    ‘Just an Intermission': How 3 Boston Theaters Are Adapting to COVID

    It may seem like theaters have nothing to do in Boston, given the coronavirus shutdown, but some are getting creative to keep their patrons connected. ArtsEmerson Executive Director David Howse, Boch Center CEO Joe Spaulding and Huntington Theatre Company Artistic Director Peter DuBois shared their plans for moving forward online.

  • Broadway Oct 9

    Broadway Shutdown Extended Until May 30 Due to COVID-19

    The lights on Broadway are set to remain dark until at least January, but there will be a plethora of new online productions of some of classic plays this fall with a handful of self-isolating actors, including Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, Patti LuPone, Laura Linney and David Alan Grier.

  • Rebound Aug 25

    NH Theater's Hustle to Survive the Pandemic Featured in NBC Digital Series ‘Rebound'

    What can a business centered around the arts do to survive a pandemic that is threatening its staff, hurting its bank account and keeping its audience at home? A lot, actually — the Seacoast Repertory Theater is doing whatever it can to keep the show going. Nestled in the heart of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this nonprofit, professional regional theater was…

  • theater Aug 10

    How the Show Will Go on: 3 Ways Boston Theater Is Being Reimagined Amid COVID

    The beginning of 2020 was an exciting time for Boston’s theater district. Theater directors recall tickets selling at record numbers, venues packed with people and new performance line-ups. That is, until the week of March 12, when the coronavirus pandemic hit. “I can’t believe it,” Peter DuBois, the artistic director of the Huntington Theatre, recalled thinking. “I can’t believe...

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