• Patriots Sep 10

    Pats-Dolphins Preview: Why Mac Has the Advantage Over Tua

    Tua Tagovailoa may have a year under his belt in the NFL whereas Mac Jones is making his first NFL start, but as our Phil Perry writes, Jones has one key advantage heading into their showdown on Sunday.

  • Alabama Feb 8

    University of Alabama Removes George Wallace's Name From Building

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham has removed the name of four-term governor and presidential candidate George C. Wallace from a campus building over his support of racial segregation

  • Alabama Jan 12

    Thousands Party in Streets After Alabama Win Despite Virus

    Thousands of excited football fans ignored pandemic precautions and partied in streets around the University of Alabama after the Crimson Tide defeated Ohio State for the national championship

  • New York City Jun 19, 2019

    What Is CBD and Is It Legal? A Complete Guide to Cannabidiol

    You’ve probably seen it and perhaps struggled to understand the craze. CBD, or cannabidiol, a cannabis extract, has made its way up to food, drinks and dietary supplements almost everywhere. The hype has significantly grown in the U.S. in the last five years. However, its legality and benefits remain in a gray area and debated in the country, where 33...

  • player May 26, 2019

    Bart Starr, 1960s Green Bay Quarterback, Dies at 85

    Bart Starr was an ordinary quarterback until teaming with Vince Lombardi and serving as the catalyst for the powerhouse Green Bay Packers teams that ruled the 1960s and ushered in the NFL as America’s most popular sport. The quarterback’s graceful throws helped turn a run-heavy league into a passing spectacle, yet it’s a run for which he’s most famous: the...

  • United States Apr 9, 2018

    Psych! Colleges Teach Phishing Lesson by Targeting Their Own

    Thousands of university students and employees targeted by email phishing schemes this year have taken the bait. Fortunately, they were duped not by real scammers, but by their own schools — in simulations meant to make them more adept at spotting real threats. When Ohio State University did its first student-focused phishing in January — a strategy also used in...

  • Associated Press Mar 20, 2018

    Storms Strike College, Leave Trail of Damage Across South

    Emergency crews were converging on Jacksonville State University Tuesday in east Alabama, where storms slammed into the campus and did major damage to the coliseum. Jacksonville was among the hardest-hit communities as storms swept across the South, part of a large system that prompted tornado warnings Monday in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Several shelters opened, local schools were closed, trees...

  • United States Jan 9, 2018

    Alabama Player Proposes to Girlfriend After Crimson Tide Win

    University of Alabama center Bradley Bozeman scored two big wins Monday night. Just moments after the Crimson Tide defeated Georgia, 26-23, in an overtime victory, Bozeman got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend Nikki Hegstetter to marry him, “Today” reported. ESPN tweeted a video of the moment showing Hegstetter pulling out an engagement ring from a newspaper he...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Jan 8, 2018

    Drones Spotted in Sky Before College Football Title Game Despite Ban: FBI

    The FBI says drones have been spotted in restricted air space surrounding the Atlanta stadium where college football’s title game will be held, despite a temporary ban. FBI spokesman Kevin Rowson said Sunday that flying drones or aircraft in the area of Mercedes-Benz stadium and the nearby entertainment venues is a violation of federal law. The Federal Aviation Administration banned...

  • United States May 9, 2017

    Is It Really ‘S-Town'? Hit Podcast Sparks an Identity Crisis

    Attention is often a hard-won commodity out in the country, and sometimes it’s the last thing a little town wants. Residents puff out their chests when a high school in a rural town upends a big-city rival to win a championship, but they’re just as likely to be deflated by some dash of infamy — a tornado that wipes out...

  • Twitter Jan 10, 2017

    Hostages ‘Fine,' Suspect Arrested Near U. of Alabama

    Police say a man was arrested after a hostage situation near the University of Alabama, and all the hostages are reported unharmed. Lt. Teena Richardson, a Tuscaloosa police spokeswoman, said the incident Tuesday morning ended peacefully and said “The hostages are fine.” She said there were about eight hostages. She said the man had a gun. It happened at an...

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