Memorial Day Weekend to Feature Sunshine and Dry Weather in New England

It looks like a great holiday weekend to travel or stay put in New England

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The holiday weekend is finally here and the weather is looking phenomenal. All signs point to sunshine and dry weather, but there’s one stand out for beach weather: Sunday. It’s then that the sea breeze will be replaced by a southwest wind and temps soar to the mid 80s.

The entire weekend remains dry with low humidity – even with the 80s on Sunday. It’s this kind of proclivity for dry air that has me concerned in the long range. We won’t see the possibility for rain until Friday of next week, and even then, showers and storms may be elusive for some. Something to consider for the long term.

If you’re traveling across northern New England this weekend, the weather is looking equally spectacular. Beware of the cold water temps at the coast and in the lakes and ponds. Also keep in mind that black fly season underway. Besides being a nuisance, the swarms flush the deer and moose out of the woods and into the roads and trails. Beware and be safe!

Have a great holiday weekend!

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