Rainy and Windy Weekend as We Prepare for Nor'easter on Tuesday

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Much has been said about the ONLY major nor’easter to slam New England this winter.

Pretty blah Saturday unfolding. Not enough precipitation to make for a soaker, but just enough to keep it damp…and raw. Winds will pick up along the coast in the afternoon as our “storm” heads offshore and intensifies.

Then it’s over to a calmer, brighter Sunday, right? Well, since our winds remain from the northeast, there won’t be much in the way of Sun tomorrow. Same on Monday, ahead of the nor’easter.

Much has been said about the ONLY major nor’easter to slam New England this winter. Where will the snow be heaviest? (Snarky answer: wherever it falls.) Who sees the high winds? Can you even call it a nor’easter if it doesn’t snow? When does it end?

Storms of this nature get everyone’s attention. We’re still nailing down the specifics, but already some details have been revealed by the (amazingly consistent) guidance that we use to make forecasts.

  • This is a long-duration storm. Starting late Monday and continuing with varying intensity through Wednesday morning.
  • The most intense part of the storm seems to be through morning and early afternoon Tuesday.
  • High winds along the coast (and some away from the coast) in the same time frame.
  • Heavy, wet snow is likely where it falls. Highest totals will be in elevated terrain in Central Mass. where a foot is likely
  • Rain along the coast…at least initially. Some is possible later in the storm (see bullet point one…there’s time).
  • Beach erosion and minor coastal flooding is possible

Obviously, there’s plenty to sort out through the weekend. Storms of this nature always have some tricks up their sleeve. Stay with us as we wrestle with the finer points of the storm.

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