Showers to Make for Damp Start to 2023 in Mass.

While not a drenching rain, showers will be steady into the night and will make for a soggy debut to 2023

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We’re just getting started. Wednesday's highs hopped right into the low 40s – even with mostly cloudy skies!

Now that we’re into the mild air, we shouldn’t have much of a problem soaring into the low 50s with all the sun we’re expecting. Yes, there may still be some high clouds from time to time (watch for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets), but with a warmer airmass and a light southwest breeze, we’ll do fine through Friday.

Obviously, the big issue is with the holiday weekend. Mild is one thing – and a solid lock for both days – showers are another. And it looks like we’ll get some late on Saturday and into Saturday night. While not a drenching rain, it will be steady into the night and will make for a soggy debut to 2023.

Right now, we’re seeing highs both days well into the 50s. Sunday has a chance to hit 60 as the skies break late in the morning, but timing is everything. If the clouds linger, we’ll stay in the upper 50s. Either way, we’ll catch a break on Monday as the temps dip a bit, then gear up for the next storm system to roll in late Tuesday through Wednesday. Here again, the storm is mild and the rain is a lock. It’s capable of pushing the needle even high than the weekend storm, with highs leaping into the low 60s by Wednesday.

Enjoy the winter pause and stay safe this weekend!

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