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A Beautiful Labor Day With High Winds Throughout New England

A high pressure system has brought us the low humidity, and continues to do so for a lot of New England

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A beautiful Labor Day for most of New England. The exception may be in the Champlain Valley of Vermont where we have a wind advisory.

For most of us we have sunshine with the breeze from the south of generally 10 to 20 miles per hour. There’s a strong high-pressure system moving across the Canadian Maritime provinces, and there’s a real strong low pressure system near James Bay in northern Ontario.

It’s the same high pressure system and brought us the low humidity, and continues to do so for a lot of New England Monday, although the mugginess is coming back a little bit near the south coast. But the trailing front coming across southern Ontario into south western Quebec is generating wind of 40 mph on Lake Champlain, with waves greater than 5 feet making for dangerous boating.

High temperature will range from the low 70s in for northern Maine to the low 80s inland in much of the rest of New England. At the ocean beaches it’s a great day with temperatures in the 70s in a sunburn factor close to a 10 out of 10.

Wind should let up in northern New England late Monday and Monday night, with another pretty good night for sleeping in the low temperature in the 60s.The weather looks pretty quiet for the next few days around here is that front and southern Canada is going to stall out to the north, with just a few showers or thunderstorms possible near the Canadian border. We are watching for a possible tropical wave developing off the coast of North Carolina that may inch north middle and late week.The biggest news nationally of course is the record heat in California with the fires continuing to burn.And over the weekend we hit 100 degrees in Denver Colorado and now there is a winter storm watch in effect.

The first major cold front of the early fall season is pressing south across the Rockies with snow expected in the higher elevations from Montana all the way to New Mexico. That front is going to ease into New England with a cooling trend late in the week and the weekend. We will probably end up with some wet weather at some point, but confidence is very low at this point. Stay tuned to our first alert 10 day forecast for the latest developments.

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