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Weekend Weather Won't Be Ideal But it Won't Be Complete Washout

The weekend won't be a washout but plan for scattered showers and even some storms in New England

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Our Friday started wet and cloudy but our day has significantly improved. We’ve worked our way to pockets of sun that make for a beautiful & mild evening.

Our temperatures rose to the 60s and we reached highs in the mid-50s in northern New England. Now we’re getting ready to watch lows in the 40s with a few low clouds and patches of fog, especially along the south and southeast.

Showers and clouds but some breaks of sun

With partly sunny skies at the start of our Saturday, we’ll see increasing clouds incoming from the west and showers that will push eastward through the afternoon. These showers will come scattered and with a few breaks of sun/daytime heating, there may be a chance to have a few storms developing.

With the strongest storms we may watch for some thunder and the chance of graupel and hail in some isolated spots. The wind speeds may increase from 15-25 mph through tomorrow afternoon, some storms may bring up the chance of watching winds gusting close to 30 mph.

The highest chance of showers will take place in western and central New England, but this rain does move into eastern New England at some point through the afternoon.

By Saturday evening, most of the activity will be located along Maine in the far northeast and plenty of clearing will grow in the south. Our temperatures this weekend will fluctuate from the upper 50s tomorrow to the mid-50s on Sunday. And even though our showers won’t make for an essential start to the weekend, our Sunday is looking much better with more periods of sun and the chance of isolated showers popping up through the afternoon.

A look at the week ahead

With a high pressure system stalled on Monday, we’ll be enjoying the bright rays of sun but then Tuesday brings the chance of showers back.

If you’re looking for more spring-like conditions, you’ll love next week- we’ll keep our highs ranging in the 60s. Some upper 60s and near 70s will pop up inland.

The Red Sox are playing at Fenway stadium this Friday and we’re keeping highs in the 60s with the chance of showers, while Easter Sunday’s is looking good, a slight drop in temperatures with highs in the upper 50s.

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