After Overnight Showers, Little Chance of Rain During Drought

Monday night and Tuesday morning showers hardly put a dent in the drought

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Vigorous weather system rushing through last night gave some spots a healthy dose of rain. However, like many times this summer, not everyone was fortunate, and it was hardly a dent in the drought. 

Chances of rain are pretty tiny in the coming days. While a renegade shower is possible tomorrow across northern New England, much of us will simply experience an increase in fair weather clouds. The skies only become brighter into the last part of the week as a big, fresh bubble of high pressure settles in.

This high will keep the humidity at bay for the next several days too. That allows the overnights to cool as well. Expect lows in the 40s in many spots in northern New England - and some in southern New England by Thursday morning. 

Tropical weather is due to ramp up significantly with two weather systems rolling across the Atlantic. Warm sea surface temperatures and light wind shear will ensure that there will be names given to the swirling mass of clouds and thunderstorms. Next up are Laura and Marco. We'll probably be tracking one or both into early next week as they near the southeastern U.S. Until then, enjoy the gorgeous stretch of late summer weather.

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