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All Calm Before Friday Storm

Thursday is cooler, but mostly clear before rain and wind arrive Friday

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It was a partly cloudy start to the day, but our skies will see thicker clouds this afternoon and evening. Unlike yesterday, highs today will be staying in the 50s and our dew points will be getting ready to take a leap into the upper 50s and 60s tomorrow. 

Showers with embedded downpours, thunder and strong wind gusts will be impacting New England tomorrow, hence the reason why we’ll be on First Alert. Our winds will begin to pick up during the overnight hours; close to 4-5 a.m. we’ll be watching gusts mainly over western New England reaching over 30 mph, but through the afternoon we’ll be dealing with potentially dangerous wind gusts close to 50 mph in the southeast. This includes Cape Cod and the Islands, while Worcester will likely remain with 40 mph wind gusts. Either way, you might want to considering putting away any holiday decorations you have out in the garden or front porch. 

Analyzing the concentration of the wind speeds, it is likely that some will be going through some power loss. If you’re working from home or have any important electronic devices you’d like to have power on, make sure to charge them today before the high winds kick it. Timing winds, they’ll begin in the west of the Berkshires overnight, while tomorrow afternoon they’ll head into central Mass. and lead into southeastern New England close to 3 p.m. 

Regarding total rainfall amounts, it is likely we’ll be adding up under 1.5 inches. For this reason, the highest concern would be the strong wind gusts; flooding is not really expected except for the usual flood-prone sites on low lying roads. 

In our marine forecast we’ll be having an increase in wave heights as our wind gusts will be exceeding 45 mph. This will bring choppy shores, waves of up to 7 feet high and moderate risk of rip currents. 

Showers should be out for most of us by Friday evening, leaving us with a nice stretch of dry weather from tomorrow night through Saturday early afternoon, but a second round of precipitation will roll in Saturday evening and exit in the overnight hours. 

So once again, we’ll be waking up with dry conditions on Sunday, making it the pick of the weekend while we enjoy a mostly dry end to the weekend. 

As we start next week, we’ll be watching cold temperatures dropping into the upper 40s, lows dipping into the 20s and possible teens in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Wintry precipitation is also expected in the mountains Saturday night and Monday. Snowfall amounts could be adding 1-2 inches total before getting another wintry round on Tuesday. 

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