Another Round of Storms Rolls in, But Weekend Forecast Shows Some Promise

The weekend looms large for outdoor plans -- Saturday should still be a stunner, but the Sunday forecast is slipping quickly.

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To answer your question, no, we haven’t fallen back into the same rainy pattern -- yet.

Another threat for storms rolls in later today. Timing these has been difficult at best. Our guidance seems slap-happy to make it rain all over this afternoon (and the Sox game), but it seems that we could hold off much of the water until after dark.

This is a tricky setup, too. A warm front is trying to move in and get the muggy air back into the area but it’s effort is lackluster. The humidity may only get back up to Greater Boston by morning. More importantly, this setup is conducive to thunderstorms….the kind that rotate.

Before you get your jammies in a jumble, storms that rotate don’t necessarily mean tornadoes. They CAN produce tornadoes, but they DON’T guarantee them. So that leaves us in a quandary.

We don’t want to sound the alarm for tornadoes, but we also don’t want to downplay the risk. And of course the timing isn’t helping with the message. Just stay close to your phone, TV, tablet, laptop/desktop for alerts late this evening…and overnight.

The weekend looms large for outdoor plans. Time is short – sunsets will be before 8 p.m. starting Aug. 3 – and the weekends are precious. Saturday should still be a stunner, but the Sunday forecast is slipping quickly. No, the day isn’t a washout, but showers could reach us by early afternoon. Big frown.

Next week’s forecast has all the markings of a failed summer campaign. Showery front nearby, cool wind off the water…sound familiar? Hold the wagon train though. The forecast has been flopping like a fish in a boat.

Tuesday that front was far offshore and the forecast was sunny. Yesterday it was right over the Cape and the forecast was washed out through midweek. What will today’s forecast show? Well, it’s still not clear.

There’s some hope that the front may flush out by mid to late week (meaning another big warmup with sticky air). Plenty of time for Mother Nature to show her cards, so let’s sort out the weekend and keep the peace.

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