Brilliant Weather Begins the Week

Pollen Allergies, Sunburn and Brush Fires are side-effects

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Two brilliant and mild days will provide a much-needed boost to the psyche for some, during this very difficult week ahead. The theme of these first two days of the week: seize the day! As best as you can enjoy the weather and the air while social distancing as recommended, this spring air will be delightful for time outside.  

There are a few things to be aware of in this great weather: sunburn, allergies and brush fires. Sunburn can weaken the immune system, so with the ultraviolet index at moderate to high both Monday and Tuesday – and you can feel the stronger sun angle even just being in the yard – sunscreen is a great idea for adults and children, alike, and really is only probably necessary these first two days of the week, as sunshine will come at more of a premium later in the week. 

Seasonal allergies are making things tricky: so many of us are sensitive to any symptoms we or others around us may be feeling or showing, but keep in mind that with the pollen count jumping to high at the start of this week with maple, poplar and juniper leading the way, some folks will absolutely be sneezing, sniffling and have scratchy throats and watering or bloodshot eyes. 

As showers begin Tuesday night into Wednesday, then rain falls Thursday, the pollen count will drop. Brush fire danger will climb from moderate to high in this dry weather with no leaves on the trees to shade the forest and field floors, so caution will be needed with any burning to avoid fly-away embers. 

The splendid weather loses some of its luster as showers enter the forecast Tuesday overnight but likely will leave more clouds than sun with showers from time to time Wednesday and a cool flow of air off the Atlantic Ocean. 

A storm center crossing right over New England Thursday will not only deliver rain to Southern New England, but likely some snow to the Northern Mountains, though this disturbance will move east of us on Friday, dragging cool air from Canada for a shot of cooler than normal weather Friday and Saturday, moderating a bit for Sunday but also likely to be dry enough in nature that most of us – particularly outside of the North Country and mountains – will avoid showers most of Friday and particularly Saturday and most of Sunday, with increasing moisture not mounting a renewed chance of showers until Sunday night into Monday and the first half of next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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