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Brrr! Wintry Air Envelopes Region Wednesday, but Warm-Up Is Coming

Cold temperatures and a biting breeze won’t relent from morning to evening

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You first saw today’s cold forecast pop onto our exclusive First Alert 10-day at the start of last week – and the wintry chill has arrived to New England for a one-day stint Wednesday. 

Cold temperatures and a biting breeze won’t relent from morning to evening, with the thermometer never reading higher than the middle 30s and wind chill values submerged under 30 degrees, often feeling like the teens and making the heavy coat, winter hat and gloves part of our Wednesday attire from the northern border to the south coast. 

Although the wind relents overnight Wednesday night, with a mostly clear sky, that only means the temperature will drop, bottoming out in the teens for most. 

As the center of high pressure – the fair weather cell delivering this cold and dry air – shifts east for the end of the week, New England ends up on the back side of the system’s clockwise flow of air, meaning a southerly wind takes over, transporting milder air into New England. 

Both Thursday and Friday should see plenty of clouds mixing with and blotting out the sun as the incoming warmer air collides with outgoing cold, and this combination of clouds and a busy wind – even if it is a milder wind – will mean a cool feeling continues Thursday with the breeze making highs in the 40s feel more like the 30s. 

By Friday, the breeze will still be blowing but becomes less of a factor as temperatures rise to nearly 60 degrees.  A new area of high pressure – fair weather – will mean a dry weekend, but also means a shifting wind that will start lowering temperatures a bit Saturday with highs in the 50s for many, then continue that process Sunday with highs likely shy of 50 for many. 

Our next storm system will straddle the U.S.-Canada border as it approaches from the west Sunday night into Monday, prompting rain showers to develop for most of us Sunday evening and night, continuing through at least part of Monday but also ushering in a strengthening south wind that should push temperatures well into the 50s and near 60 degrees Monday before the cold front associated with the storm moves through and brings more seasonable air for midweek. 

Another disturbance moves close to New England Wednesday into Thursday, once again raising the chance of showers and continuing the chance of showers on Thanksgiving Day that you’ve seen in our First Alert forecast this week with high temperatures near 50…we’ll keep you posted on any changes.

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