Weather forecast

Clear, Cool Weather Through Weekend

The sun is as high in the sky as it gets, yet we are not baking in summer heat.

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Some New Englanders are saying this is their favorite kind of weather. The sun is as high in the sky as it gets, yet we are not baking in summer heat. The sunburn factor is very high, but the temperature is comfortable in the 70s, except for at the beach it’s in the 60s so it may be a little chilly. The water temperature in the ocean is around 60° so the breeze coming in from the north east creates a little bit of a chill.

Plus with such low humidity, dewpoint numbers in the 40s, when you get out of the water from the swim, the evaporation off of your skin creates an extra chill. But I don’t hear any complaints. We need plenty of sunscreen Saturday afternoon, then insect repellent Saturday evening. With the recent rain, the mosquito population is thriving. Fortunately that rain helped wash away some of the tree pollen.

There are a few fair weather clouds this afternoon and evening, even a chance of a sprinkle, but these clouds evaporate after sunset for a nice clear sky and comfortable night for sleeping. Low temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s.

There's not much change Sunday. It’s a strong high-pressure system in south eastern Canada keeping us on the cooler side, with a breeze coming in from the east and north east. But it’s also very low humidity, so only a few more instability clouds tomorrow afternoon with a high temperature in the 60s to lower 70s.

Monday remains similar with a chilly start and a high temperature near 70° with a good amount of sunshine. A front to our south may generate clouds along the south coast on Monday. But there’s a blocking pattern in the atmosphere so change is only going to come slowly.

By the middle of next week we should get more of a breeze from the south, and then west, the result will be a warm-up for Father’s Day weekend in our first alert 10-day forecast.

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