Weather forecast

Cloudy, But Warm Across New England

Despite the clouds, it will still be a great weekend to hit the beach

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It’s the weekend!

And instead of Blinding Lights from the sun, we have to battle the clouds. There are plenty of them around, and although it sounds like a downer, it’s looking like a great weekend to hit the beach. Storms may threaten on Sunday, but the best way to describe this weekend is warm.

Makes it simple, but it doesn’t answer the question, “Can I still grill?” or “Can I get in an afternoon walk?”

Yes. Mostly.

There are several opportunities (to stay dry) throughout the weekend, and for some, the weekend will be entirely rain free (think Greater Boston here). For others, it will be a case of carry-out-your-plans, but watch the skies for a t-shower Sunday afternoon. An outside chance at a shower exists all day on Sunday for the Cape and Islands thanks to a weak area of low pressure drifting through.

And that about covers The Weeknd.

But there’s also this looming heat wave next week. After a serious slide in temps on Monday, we’re back to the frying pan on Wednesday. (Tuesday is the transition day). This stand of heat will come hand-in-hand with the humidity. Get ready for beach days, and heavy A/C usage days.

Have a great weekend!

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