Cloudy with a Chance of Showers Tuesday

Today is the turning point into the 60s – even with the clouds

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We’re heading through a rather mild spell this week. While a subtle cool front will bisect central New England tomorrow, the sensible differences in the weather won’t be as apparent in southern New England.

Today is the turning point into the 60s – even with the clouds. I’m a little gun shy about pushing the 70 degree mark in spots, not only because of the limited (or non-existent) sun, but also because of the few showers that slowly migrate in from the southwest in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is on solid footing for a many towns and cities to make it to 70 (or better) thanks to the return of the sun and a shifting wind. This again is limited to southern New England, as the onshore winds and heavy clouds still hold in northern New England.

Dewpoints – a term we typically don’t harp about in the fall – will be rising thanks to the southwest wind, so there will be an “air” of humidity to this afternoon’s, um, air.

These two days aside, the pattern remains relatively dry. This isn’t much of a worry after last week’s rain, but there is still a deficit of 3-6 inches due to get us out of the drought. Our “make goods” may be coming next week, but the overall theme will still be one of milder-than-normal temps.

Now get raking while the wind behaves!

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