Colder Temps, Rainy Weather on the Way

Temperatures take a tumble for the weekend, but we remain on the dry side.

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We have five weekends in the month of October. So far, it’s been so-so weather for outdoor activities (minus a couple of wet Sundays), but one thing stands out in this month is the warmth. The overwhelming warmth. The record-setting warmth. The warmth that’s about to get kicked to the curb with the passing cold front today.

So far EVERY day this month has seen temperatures at (three days) or above (the rest) normal. With an average temperature of 62.8, we’re on pace for our warmest October on record in Boston and third warmest in Worcester. But you probably already know this, given the lack of frost (and chilly mornings in general).

The cold front that crosses through New England today will turn all that upside down (minus the Demogorgons) as colder air invades for the weekend. Remarkably, the strong storm that’s driving it all is lacking in the rainfall department (not that we’re rooting for any). But fret not, there’s plenty in the extended forecast.

Back to the present, however. Temps tumble for the weekend, but we remain on the dry side. Sure, there could be a passing sprinkle with all the afternoon clouds Saturday, but this isn’t a washed out day by any means. Sunday is back to the bold sun with a hint of chill in the breezy afternoon air.

Setup next week calls for a stormy period to surface across New England. We’re trapped between storms to the south and a high pressure to the north. Winds feeding in from the ocean will be raw and chilly….and loaded with water. We have trust issues with the models, however. Not certain on timing and intensity of the rain, so sit tight and let us sort it out.

Enjoy the weekend, take in the HOTC and the foliage….you know what’s around the corner.

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