Comfortable Air Takes Hold in New England

A few sprinkles Wednesday, hot again by the weekend

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The much-advertised comfortable air has arrived to all of New England Wednesday! 

With colder air high in the sky and a few weak atmospheric disturbances traversing our New England sky, some high-altitude clouds will mix with sunshine in the first half of the day, and bubbling, puffy clouds will develop during the latter half of the day. 

A few sprinkles are likely along the South Coast, but also possible by late day for the rest of us from the building clouds – still, the comfort, quiet wind with gentle sea breezes and sun between the clouds delivers mostly a win for New England communities. 

If Wednesday doesn’t end up bright enough for your liking, Thursday is sure to do the trick. After a cool night of widespread 50s and valley 40s resulting in some early Thursday morning fog in valleys and near bodies of water, that fog will burn off as sunshine warms all of New England back up to around 80 degrees with light sea breezes developing Thursday afternoon. 

A couple of energetic disturbances drop from Canada into the North Country of New England on Friday, raising the chance of showers both Friday morning and again Friday afternoon there, while central and southern New England are expected to be far enough south to avoid showers and instead find rising temperatures well into the 80s, though humidity will still remain fairly low. 

It’s not until Saturday that humidity starts to increase noticeably, with temperatures climbing to near 90 for many. Sunday may not be quite as hot, but likely will be even more humid for most, raising the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, particularly during the afternoon. 

For those concerned that a couple of cool mornings this week spells the end of summer, next week should help to alleviate that concern, with most days bringing temperatures in the 80s for highs with thunder possible on some of the afternoons in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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