Comfortable and Pleasant Wednesday Ahead of Sunny, Humid Thursday

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Our stretch of gorgeous weather continues this evening under a mainly clear sky with humidity levels that are still quite comfortable and pleasant. It's great weather for outdoor dining or stargazing.

Tonight, a few wispy clouds are possible in southern New England with even some spots near the coast, developing patchy fog.

Subtle changes are in place Thursday, and as the wind shifts to the south, it will start to feel a bit more humid and some locations may rise to 90 degrees.

For the Merrimack Valley and sections in New Hampshire and Maine, this could be the beginning of a four-day heatwave. This wind direction means that east-facing beaches will warm into the 80s, something we haven't experienced this week.

The sun angle this time of the year is strong, so with all of this sunshine, the UV index is extreme. You will need to apply sunscreen, otherwise, you can burn in less than 15 minutes.

By Friday, the wind will be out of the southwest, so this will bring even more heat and the airmass will be sticky. Highs Friday will be in the 80s and 90s across much of New England.

Showers and thunderstorms should remain south of New England through the end of the week, consolidated around a weakening and very slow-moving upper-level storm over the Mid-Atlantic, which will eventually drift northeast toward New England.

The chance of an afternoon storm in western New England rises to about 30-40% Saturday afternoon – lower in the eastern half of the six-state region – then, by Father's Day Sunday afternoon, the chance of thunder rises to 30-40% for many of us, but anything that does develop would be isolated and most likely in northern and western New England.

Once we jump into this new air of 85 to 90-degree temperatures with humidity, expect it to stick around quite a while. Most of next week our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast keeps temperatures of 85 to 90 degrees with humidity, a more typical summer pattern, that will bring the chance for scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon.

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