Cool Air Relents Ahead of Next Storm

By the time New England's next storm arrives, it'll be mostly rain

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The dry and cool weather continues in New England with a persistent dome of high pressure, or fair weather, parked over the northeast. 

The dry air continues to have a subtly dehydrating effect on the body. It also continues to keep raindrops and snowflakes at bay, save for some mountain flurries, even as clouds build for hours at a time with disturbances rippling through the sky above. 

A clearing Tuesday night gives way to morning sun on Wednesday before another wave of clouds rolls through later that day in response to another energetic but dry disturbance aloft. Eventually, a strengthening southerly wind at the surface and aloft delivers somewhat more moist and mild air Wednesday night into Thursday, with a chance of Thursday snow showers in northern New England and a snow or rain shower in Southern New England.

Not impressive, but symbolic in that the thicker and slightly more productive clouds herald the onset of milder air ahead of our next more organized storm.  Although it will take time for moisture to overwhelm our recent dry pattern, after thickening clouds Friday we’ll see rain showers develop from south to north overnight Friday night.

Rain showers for most of Friday, though enough cool and dry air probably will linger in the mountains for a start as snow, though eventually a strengthening southeast wind will probably change even the mountains to raindrops by Saturday, with rain expected to start the weekend. 

Although precise timing is always a bit flexible from days in advance, meaning it’s possible from an optimistic standpoint the rain exits by Saturday afternoon, at this point our First Alert team wouldn’t suggest holding our breath for that. Instead, we’re touting a dry and brighter Sunday, with both days breezy – a mild breeze pushing temperatures to 50 degrees in southern New England Saturday, and a west wind cooling us off Sunday. 

This likely resets the weather pattern as cool and dry into the start of next week, with another chance of being grazed by a storm to the south somewhere around the middle of next week, but that’s a long way out and we’ll keep you posted.

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