Weather forecast

Cool, Dry Air Settles into New England

Heat won’t be making a comeback this weekend

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Cool air became established across New England yesterday. This morning’s temps are a testament to that. While we were close to a frost across the North Country, we settled for 40s in southern New England.

Heat won’t be making a comeback this weekend. This cool high will keep the winds onshore at the coast, then turn them south/southeast on Sunday, both coming from cool directions. While today is super-bright and clear, tomorrow sees the clouds come back into the picture. It’s not enough to call it a cloud day, but the sun will struggle at times. No matter, we’re keeping the showers sequestered to western New England. And that’s later in the day.

Sadly, there’s very little in the way of shower activity for the next 7-10 days. Three high pressure systems will come through: one today, another Tuesday, and another one late next week. They’ll stave off the rain, keep the tropical systems away and provide some pretty chilly starts on select mornings.

Enjoy the weekend.

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