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Overnight Storm to Bring Heavy Snow to the North, Rain to the South

For most of Wednesday, it's not raining or snowing too hard, just a damp, cool day

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We need to dress for a chilly damp day in New England.

It’s a gray Wednesday morning with a few light raindrops and a few snowflakes in the higher elevations of Vermont. It looks like the driest air is in Maine, that’s where we have a few breaks of sunshine.

It’s a rather complex weather map with several boundaries, and waves of low pressure.

To simplify it, we'll just say we have a low pressure system that is strengthening as it moves from Pennsylvania into New York Wednesday morning into Wednesday night.

New England is no stranger to piles of snow being dumped onto the region each winter. Take a look at some of the worst storms to hit in modern history.

For most of Wednesday it’s not raining or snowing too hard, just a cool damp day.

We have a First Alert issued for impact due to wind, rain, and snow late tonight and tomorrow morning.

It’s Wednesday night that precipitation becomes steady and heavy at times, mostly after midnight. We’re expecting mostly rain for southern New England, then heavy snow in the mountains at higher elevations of Vermont, and much of New Hampshire and Maine. The exception will be southern Vermont, through southern Maine where a mix should turn to cold rain and fog.

Snowfall amounts are likely greatest from Mount Washington to Mount Katahdin, where possibly 10 inches of snow accumulate by tomorrow afternoon.

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Rainfall in southern New England will be heavy for only a few hours as the sun comes up Thursday morning. Perhaps a half inch to 1 inch of rain before the sun breaks through at noontime with temperatures falling during the afternoon.

We also have high winds to deal with, with wind from the south gusting past 55 miles an hour at the higher elevations and near the coast.

The worst of the wind should be over in southern New England early in the day, but may stay windy north and east through afternoon.

Much colder air comes in Thursday night and should last the weekend. For most of us it’s dry air. But in the mountains we may have up-slope snow continuing off and on into Saturday morning.

Friday looks mostly sunny away from the higher elevations, with the temperature in the 30s. And the weekend is bright and brisk with temperatures in the 20s north and 30s south. Another fine weekend for skiing.

Warmer and wet weather probably returns by Tuesday and Wednesday next week, as seen in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.  

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