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Severe Thunderstorms in Morning Give Way to Damp, Cooler Thursday

Thursday certainly won't be a washout, but there'll still be a damp feel to the day

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It’s a totally different world out there Thursday weather wise.

Severe thunderstorm warnings were in effect for parts of Cape Cod and the Islands on Thursday morning but have since expired.

Cooler breezes off the water and a thick deck of clouds will keep us pinned down in the 60s for high temps. That front from yesterday that touched off numerous storms in northern New England is still around too. It’ll be the trigger for a few lightweight showers from time to time. Certainly not a washout, but still a damp feel to the day.

Friday isn’t much better. With a tropical system trying to form to off the Eastern Seaboard, we won’t have much hope to completely shake the clouds. That said, there’s some hope for a few rays to slice through the clouds from time to time. Temps could get buoyed to the low 70s as a result.

Slow start to the weekend with gray skies giving way to blue on Saturday. I’m probably playing a pessimistic hand with this, but I don’t want to overpromise. Best case is we have a little morning fog, then developing sun.

Either way you slice it, the weekend is looking pretty good overall. More sun is expected for Sunday, too. Temperatures aren’t expected to shock and awe, either. We’re holding in the mid-70s both days. Perfect setup for outdoor plans.

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