Disturbance to Bring Showers South, Wintry Mix North

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Monday morning flurries and sprinkles in eastern New England came on the front edge of a warm front: apparently, the warmth that delivered a record January high temperature of 74 degrees to Boston on Sunday isn’t going quietly.

Although it was pushed southward by our recent puff of cold air, there’s enough staying power of the warmth to create a swath of flurries and sprinkles that will slowly lift north through eastern New England. 

Meanwhile, a separate disturbance in northern New England touches off scattered mixed snow and sleet showers Monday afternoon into evening. 

A blend of clouds and sun Tuesday precedes another disturbance moving east toward the region that will send yet another push of warmth northward through the skies of New England. This will touch off rain showers in the southern half of our region Tuesday evening and, once again, showers of wintry mix in northern New England into the night. 

Wednesday brings a break in the action and some sunshine. It’s enough to push temperatures into the 50s for many in the last gasp of spring-like warmth for the foreseeable future in our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

A late Wednesday night to early Thursday cold frontal passage dragging showers through the region will yet again deliver raindrops south and a mix north. 

Behind Thursday morning’s cold front, new cold makes its move out of Canada, keeping temperatures in the 40s Thursday, then only in the 20s Friday, even with plenty of sun. This sets the stage for the next, incoming storm that will strengthen as it approaches from the west to deliver a mess this weekend. 

It’s too early to pinpoint storm track – and therefore timing and rain/snow line placement – but our thinking is that snow develops sometime Saturday afternoon and ramps up Saturday evening while a rain/snow line noses inland from the Atlantic, with everything shipping out Sunday morning.

Cold air will continue to make a stand in New England well into next week.

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