Enjoy This Summery Saturday Before Showers Move in on Sunday

Showers could move in as early as noon, or as late as 5 p.m. on Sunday

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Our streak of super weekends is in jeopardy. While today will still live up to summery expectations, tomorrow is teetering on the edge. A quick-moving weather system will try and push a few showers our way by afternoon, but the day isn’t looking washed out.

First thing’s first, though. Clouds will streak by in the jet stream, giving us a “variable sky” – a term meteorologists use for intervals of clouds and sun. Or, more plainly, partly sunny. We’ll keep away the showers and the stiff winds from yesterday, but we may not be able to ward off the sea breeze entirely.

A bit of an onshore wind will come to coastal communities from Revere to Gloucester later in the afternoon, tempering the highs in the low and mid-70s. Elsewhere, highs will leap to near 80 for a pleasant, borderline beach day.

The system tomorrow will produce showers in the afternoon. That may sound like vague timing, because it is. Could be as early as noon, or as late as 5 p.m. Either way, the morning should be dry if you want to cram in any activities.

Temperatures are a little tricky too. Highs will jump to the mid-70s before they stumble back to the 60s as the shower set in. Great day for yard work then a little lounging on the porch or stoop as the showers start to trickle in.

In the extended forecast, there’s no steam heat, no heat waves, no hot streaks, no…you get the idea. Still plenty of summer left for that. Have a good, safe weekend.

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