Fall Starts Wednesday, But It'll Still Feel Like Summer — With Rain Approaching, Too

With higher humidity and a system to our northwest, we expect a couple showers here and there on Wednesday, and more rain Thursday

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The last night of summer is upon us, yet New England's weather pattern is about to get even more summer-like on Wednesday, the first day of fall.

A passing sprinkle is possible Tuesday evening as temperatures stay in the 60s. The clouds fill in more Tuesday night and Wednesday as a slow-moving system inches closer to us. 

Wednesday won’t just be humid, it will also be hot again, with highs near 80. In some places with more sunshine and low 80s, it could feel like the mid 80s with the heat index.

With the higher humidity and that system to our northwest, we expect a couple showers here and there on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we expect more widespread shower chances as the storm center moves closer to us. The heavy rain may hold off until Thursday night into Friday as the actual cold front moves through. There is a chance we also see scattered storms Friday as the front heads through. As for rainfall totals by the end of the week, we may squeeze out around half an inch with higher totals in western New England.

There is a chance this storm system gets stalled in the jet stream right over us. If that’s the case, the showers may linger into the Saturday forecast. Plus, an upper-level low could also pass through Sunday into Monday, meaning repeated shower chances through at least the start to next week. 

We will continue to update the forecast. There is more dry air the next week, and potentially true fall weather for the end of the 10-day.

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