FIRST ALERT: Downpours, Thunderstorms Could Slow Monday Morning Commute

Monday morning downpours, thunder and lightning will continue for some parts of New England until about 8 a.m.

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Another awesome September weekend is in the books, but this one ended with a few rumbles overnight. A vigorous jet stream (plowing a cold front) is to thank for the storms and downpours that race through pre-dawn. They’re zipping away now, and in their wake, a bit of cooler, less humid air will settle in.

As it races east, downpours, thunder and lightning will continue for some parts of New England until about 8 a.m. including central and southern New Hampshire, western Massachusetts, Boston and some of the south shore.

A severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Essex County and Northeastern Middlesex County in northeastern Massachusetts Monday morning. The storm will bring heavy rain, frequent lightning, potential for hail and gusty wind.

Any leftover showers will clear completely by 10 a.m., making way for a beautiful day.

We’re careful not to oversell the cooldown, since there’s already signs that the warmth will mount a comeback by midweek. In any event, summer is evident in the ten day, with only brief, unsustained cooldowns in the future.

Haze was quite evident yesterday, but it was mostly comprised of smoke from the fires (still) burning in the West. We’ll see more of it wafting in the air for the next couple of days. It’s not that the pattern isn’t changing up, it simply that there’s THAT much smoke in the atmosphere. Telling, yes; sad, definitely.

Humidity will fall throughout the day today, and stay sequestered to the south tomorrow. Warmer winds ahead of a cool front will boost the dew points by midweek, fueling more storms and rain by late Wednesday night.

We’ll watch these for any severe potential, but for now, it seems they will be a little too late into the night to pack much of a punch. And given the fact that the front stalls to our west, the humidity won’t get much of a smackdown either.

We’ll keep an eye on the chances for late-week rain with the aforementioned front nearby, but that’s for later blogs and end-of-week plans.

Make it a good work week.

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