FIRST ALERT: Dangerous Heat, Rising Rain Chances in Coming Days

We have increasing chances for rain later this week and heighten the risk for flooding from heavy rainfall Friday

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Intense heat continues through tomorrow. As veterans of heat in New England, we know how to keep cool: water, shade, AC and just flat-out taking it slow in the heat of the day.

Due to the intense heat and high humidity, an air quality alert has been issued, which happens when air quality is predicted to become unhealthy for sensitive groups, which will be the case for some of southeastern Massachusetts later today.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the big worries over the next two days, as heat indices (what it feels like with the heat AND humidity) climb to 100+! Relief would come from clouds and some rain (although that would mean an increase in humidity).

There are increasing chances of rain over the next few days as a lazy front slowly drops through New England. Many more misses than hits today, but our chances grow by Wednesday afternoon. Then by Thursday, it’s more hits than misses.

Tropical Storm Danny came ashore yesterday, fading to a depression last night. It will continue to weaken today as it becomes absorbed into a front….the same front that will linger over us this weekend. It’s this front (and any remnants from Danny) that will increase our chances for rain later this week and heighten the risk for flooding from heavy rainfall Friday. Yeah, I said flooding.

Some of our guidance is pumping out 1-2” of rain through Friday with the downpours. Of course when there’s thunder involved, we could be talking much more. In addition, the cool air will be spilling south through New England, dropping our humidity and sending the temps in a downward spiral. Highs over the weekend may not make it to 70 in some spots!

There’s still time to salvage the Fourth and the following Monday. If we get the wet weather in here and then get it out of the way, improvements could be in the works for the latter half of the weekend. Keep your plans for now, as we fine-tune the forecast in the days to come.

Stay cool and hydrated!

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